How to Pick Which Jewellery to Wear Based on Your Star Sign

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The jewellery that we wear is a statement of our character and who we are. To help you find your perfect jewellery pieces, we reveal the way that your star sign influences your jewellery style so that you can be on-trend and feel more connected to your jewellery every day!



Capricorns love to wear timeless and elegant jewellery. They tend to make investments in good quality jewellery so they are best suited to solid or plated pieces crafted from precious metals. Capricorns like to dress impeccably, so uncomplicated jewellery helps achieve this look. Capricorns will love antique style coin necklaces with a modern twist as well as a mix of more unusual chains. Capricorn’s are concise and precise and will always have a well-kept collection of unique jewellery.

Top pick for a Capricorn: Capricorns are driven and ambitious, a coin style necklace will encapsulate their passion for success.


Aquarians are innovators and have an eccentric personal style. They are rebellious and love to invent their own looks. They aren’t fussed about high-quality pieces and tend to wear colourful and bold jewellery that will make them stand out.

Top pick for Aquarius: A plastic laser cut statement necklace will suit an Aquarians fun and bold personality best!


Pisces are known to be trend setters, they have vivid imaginations and when it comes to their personal style, anything goes. Pisces are best suited to trend-led jewellery but equally love sentimental pieces that hold true meaning. Chunky stand out pieces are the way to a Pisceans heart, think oversized bangles and rings.

Top pick for Pisces: Pisces are dreamers, a charm bracelet is a perfect choice to suit their sentimental style. Charm bracelets are very personal and each charm will tell a story.


Aries is most comfortable with a casual but smart style but can surprise you with some outrageous style choices (Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress – need we say more?). They will often choose unusual statement jewellery, think angular or spiky shapes and red is the colour that will make them shine. No one can pull off rubies and garnets quite like an Aries.

Top pick for Aries: A statement chunky chain necklace will be a standout, sexy piece that will suit an Aries.


Taureans have great taste in style, they keep up with the latest fashion trends and mix them with high-end pieces that will last. They are ruled by Venus, which means that they have an eye for beauty. They love to mix classic, timeless items with key fashion pieces and will wear anything from delicate necklaces to bold statement rings. When it comes to gemstones, Taureans look great in yellow hues like amber or yellow sapphires.

Top pick for a Taurus: As an earth sign, Taureans love nature-inspired and meaningful jewellery. A floral or a planet necklace or pair of earrings will suit them best.


Geminis are dreamers that have a wardrobe full to the brim with a variety of clothes and accessories. They love unconventional, one-off pieces found in vintage stores and charity shops and they love to layer necklaces and stack bracelets in a bohemian, carefree way. They are true trendsetters!

Top pick for a Gemini: Geminis’ are ruled by their hands so a vintage gold bracelet or a set of stacking rings will bring out their best feature.


Cancerians have a feminine and elegant style and they are hopeless romantics. The way to a Cancerian’s heart is sentimental and meaningful jewellery that will last a lifetime. They will have a collection of family heirlooms and use their jewellery as a way to feel closer to the ones they love.

Top pick for a Cancer: Quality is key for Cancer and extravagant gestures will never go amiss. Cancer’s dream piece of jewellery is a diamond ring (along with a proposal!).


Leos have big personalities and the style to match! They will wear anything bold and bright and can’t resist stand out jewellery in warm and bright hues. They love to be in the spotlight and their style is a way of expressing this.

Top pick for a Leo: A pair of sparkling chandelier earrings will make a Leo stand out from the crowd!


For a Virgo, it’s all in the detail. Their outfits will always look effortlessly put together complete with accessories to complement their look. They are best suited to minimal and delicate jewellery that won’t overpower their look and they will layer and stack their jewellery to give their style a modern edge.

Top pick for Virgo: A simple pair of pearl drop earrings or a pearl pendant necklace is the perfect match for a Virgo.


Libras’ know how to dress for every occasion and understand what suits them best. Their style is influenced by those around them and they are quick to adorn the latest fashion trends. They tend to have a huge and varied collection of jewellery to suit different outfits and occasions.

Top pick for a Libra: Libra’s are known for wearing silver or white gold best and they suit clear topaz stones or diamonds. A sparkling gem set pendant would look great on a Libra!


Scorpios have a timeless style that they can wear season after season. Their wardrobes are mainly made up of high-quality basics as they don’t like to stand out from the crowd. They will wear a minimal amount of accessories which are often very classic and simple.

Top picks for a Scorpio: A simple and delicate chain made from solid gold or silver, similar to the pieces that you can find out more about online, is a jewellery essential that a Scorpio will wear every day.


Sagittarians love to dress well but comfort is key! They tend to wear cosy but respectable clothing. They are sentimental and love travelling, so collect jewellery from all the places that they’ve visited. They will experiment with their style and aren’t afraid of trying out different looks!

Top pick for Sagittarius:  A Sagittarian will treasure a woven friendship bracelet as a reminder of a great holiday.

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