5 Floor and Pool Tiles that are Not Slippery When Wet

Floor Pool Tiles Not SlipperyWhen it comes to floor tiles, people essentially look for items that do not get slippery when wet. From this perspective, natural stone flooring is the ideal option and here we will be discussing five kinds of floor tiles that usually don’t get slippery even when these are wet. No wonder, they make a wonderful paving option for the swimming pools.


Known for its classic elegance, marble flooring since the days of yore is known for its extraordinarily soft grain patterns and creamy colors. From white to red, green, and various other shades, plenty of options are available in marbles. The subtlety of its elegance lies in its polished sheen. Opt for honed marbles for swimming pools as they have a textured surface


Over a period of time, travertine evolved into a soft, mellow patina. It comes in a wide range of shades and hues and the texture, though quite polished consists of pits, holes, and rounded edges that give it an antique look. Since it is porous, travertine flooring does not get slippery but it reacts adversely when it comes in contact with the acidic substance.


Formed of igneous rock materials, granite makes a hard flooring substance and a wonderful option for swimming pool paving. While the surface is impervious to staining and scratching, at the same time it does not get slippery when wet. It comes in many colors and is found throughout the country. Quite obviously they are best for bathroom flooring as well as swimming pool paving.


Formed by the metamorphosis of the rocks, slate is basically formed of various layers. No doubt, these can be easily split into thin sheets of tiles. A naturally rough surface or honed smooth, slate looks incredibly elegant, sheen, and amazing wherever you place it. Due to its rough texture, slate flooring is ideal for entryways, sunrooms, patios, and kitchens. Since it does not get slippery with water, you can even use it on the bathroom floors. Opt for slates of higher density for great results.


It’s not much different from travertine considering its texture, but limestone is a harder alternative, and hence makes a better alternative for everyday use. It has striking grain patterns that prevent it to get slippery when wet.

Finding a perfect floor tile is important, especially when it comes to paving the swimming pool or bathroom flooring. Considering every perspective these five tiles make the best alternative or consult with a pool tile company that will guide you from every prospect.

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