How Powder Coating Better And Stronger Than Paint?


Paint is a colorant solid condensate, or we can say a solid lentiscus constitution that, after solicitation to a stratum in a thin layer, transforms to a rigid film. Paints were used to protect the object or to provide texture to the object. Nowadays, there are many types of paints with different characters. But the main two points which were used for various purposes are oil-based paint and water-based paint.

As we all know that duality has survived since the beginning of everything, enlace in the very fabric of nature. Some of this duplicity, like the dichotomy of good and evil, procure many public observations. At the same time, the nest is precise and comes into view only as it becomes crucial in certain circumstances. And it was revealed that power coating is better and stronger than normal wet paints.

Powder coating

This type of paint is mostly used for industrial coating (a type of coating planned to meet the multistory industrial standards in synthetic and erosion resistance) and the automotive industry. After this, the finishing process includes applying dry powder with film coating on a surface, which later goes down to the lower part of the object. This powder coating comes in several varieties depending on whether it is made of polyethylene, polyester, acrylic, hvof, etc. The outcome of the powder coating finishing process of tough, thick finish, which is harder and more durable than common paints.

Wet paints

Wet paints have been used for years as the conventional finishing coat, although the process has seen various technological developments. This series of paint is not used as an industrial coating because these wet paints are not strong. They are very fragile, but these wet paints are mostly used in small objects like pipes, taps, etc. These wet paints are not used for various reasons: lack of durability requires regular maintenance and refinishing from time to time, not giving proper and fine finishing to the object. Due to these reasons, many people don’t prefer this painting.


powder coating has several benefits powder coating a metal object allows for a dense, sturdy finish, more durable than wet paints. The powder coating process needs a single spraying coat and gives an efficient result, but when we use the wet paints, it was used 2-3 times but no proper result. In the powder coating, heat was used, but in wet paints, water is used. The powder coating is environment friendly as it produces minimal volatile organ compounds. Powder coating provides a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches/chipping, and fading, which was not possible with simple wet paints.


As we know that powder coating has various advantages. At the same time, its coast varies from the wet paints. The powder coating process is a hard task because conducting thin films on the object takes time. That’s why powder coating costs more than wet paints. But as it is a little bit high in price, that’s why wet paints are still alive and used for various purposes.

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