Solar Panel Installation Problems

How To Avoid Common Solar Panel Installation Problems

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Solar Panel Installation ProblemsSolar power has been around for years and is still significantly advancing as time passes. It has also become more affordable, so many people are now considering using this. By installing solar panels, commercial buildings can generate electricity without spending much. Moreover, it helps in lessening the negative environmental impact by using this alternative.

However, some building owners are suffering from the consequences of a bad solar panel installation. Aside from spending more than what the panel costs, there are also some cases of malfunctioning products. Due to this, even the reputation of installation teams often suffers as more people believe that most of them are untrustworthy.

To avoid common solar panel installation problems from happening, here are some of the things you could do.

1. Prioritize roof assessments

Knowing what you are getting your team into is vital before starting any projects. The same applies to solar panel installation. Inspect the roof deck and frame structure with a qualified engineer. Ensure that you analyze the preexisting roof problems and do something before causing severe problems to your installation.

Start by assessing if the roof can tolerate the solar array’s weight and other equipment on the rooftop. See if the roof hatch is of high quality and can withstand heavy loads. If the building is older, the top may also have some existing damages from foot traffic during the maintenance. Besides that, you should also consider the roof’s integrity as it will require several penetrations while mounting the solar panels. When you do certain repairs and modifications to the roofing structure, you will proceed with the solar panel installation without any problem.

2. Avoid rushing the installation.

Meeting a deadline for the installation of solar panels is essential to avoid wasting time. However, this does not mean that you will not face challenges throughout the project that may affect your timeframe. It causes some contractors to rush the installation, which will ultimately cause issues in the future. Avoid these instances by hiring a reliable team that understands possible problems and have experience with the best installation practices.

Aside from that, proper training on wire management is also essential for a proper installation. Make sure that the wires have specific processes and place them away from direct sun exposure. You should also avoid placing them on sharp corners that may cause fraying. Moreover, it is best to keep them in bundles and label them properly using proper components or fasteners. It will help in making future maintenance and repairs more convenient.

3. Have a good water flow accounting.

Disrupting the water flows with racks and wiring while installing the solar panels is not unusual. However, it only happens when there is no proper accounting for the water flow. In some instances, it even disrupts adequate drainage in the roof. The water will then move upwards and will pool on the rooftop, which will cause possible leakage. Ballast materials can also escape and clog the drains in the process. When this happens, repairing the roof will be more expensive than doing it beforehand.

Avoid these problems from happening by doing a proper water flow accounting before the solar panel installation. See the most reasonable solution to avoid clogging the drain and disrupting the flow of water on your roof.

4. Keep up with the maintenance.

All commercial buildings owners agree to install solar panels on their facilities for the benefits they will acquire. However, this will not be possible if you do not have regular maintenance and inspections. Having consistency in maintaining panels will keep minimal problems from causing more severe issues in the future. One way that contractors do this for their clients is by offering preventative maintenance services upon the installation.

Besides adding revenues to the team, it will also build your reputation as a solar panel installer. Proper maintenance includes cleaning dust, debris, or stagnant water on the panels. It will also assess some common challenges in the roofing system. It is also best to report to the owner if there are any repairs or replacement aspects. Let your clients have the best experience using the solar panel to increase your team’s positive reputation.

Moreover, it would be best if a proper roof hatch leads to the building’s rooftop. It will serve as convenient access for repairs and maintenance of installed solar panels.

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