Maintain Timber Wood

How to Care for and Maintain Timber Wood?

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Maintain Timber Wood

Timber is commonly used in timber frames and outdoor spaces like decks, patios, furniture, and fencing. Whilst timber is a considerable financial investment up front, with proper timber care, your home or deck, or furniture can provide you with many years of great memories in your place. Like anything in an outdoor space, timber is inclined to damage due to weather effects. If it is not maintained correctly, the weathering can lead to more severe problems that will compromise your safety and health. For example, rotting deck timber can be a tripping hazard, and mould spores can harm your immune system. With proper timber care and maintenance, you can retain the look and structural integrity of your home and outdoor timber for years to come. Here you can glance over how to maintain a timber wood:

Clean Regularly

If you clean the timber regularly and adequately, wood will be safe from damage. In general, the surfaces of hardwood timber benchtops, timber frames, and floors will get dirt on a layer of dust particles, and other forms of debris will accumulate on the wood. If people use benchtops regularly or are used to walking, they will apply pressure, resulting in floor scratches and scrapes. In other words, it will be like the coarse sanding of the finishing coat. Hence you should wipe the benchtops, sweep the floor, or mop it to remove dust. It would help if you never used a wet mob because water damages the wood. Besides, mop or wipe the surface weekly for deeper cleaning. You could also use a felt cover for a polishing effect.

Dry Quickly

After finishing cleaning, you should follow the procedure given below:

  1. Rinse and dry with a smooth cloth immediately.
  2. Never leave even a tiny drop of water on wood because it can lead to deterioration.
  3. Keep untreated lumber out of the elements as much as you can.

Even if you don’t get actual water on it, it can have the same effect if you live in a humid environment. Water collects from the air onto and inside solid surfaces, which is not good with wood.

Add a Wood Finish

Add a protective wood finish on your wooden floors or hardwood timber benchtops to protect the quality of the wood and help maintain the new look. Make sure to find out what finish is suitable for your floors or benchtops.

Paint the timber 

Before painting your timber, consider how you want it to look. Some people opt for a natural look, while others want a fresh colour or deep stain. If timber is placed in overtime with weathering, the colour of the timber will vanish. Some people will reapply a clear oil to protect the wood, whilst others may add a colour tone to reinvigorate the richness of the original timber colour. Oils help to keep the natural beauty of your timber. However, you can also add colour tone to oils to change the timber’s appearance. 

Final Thoughts

In the above section, you can learn how to maintain timber wood in different phases. It will help you keep the product stable over the lowest quality. Eventually, good maintenance is the only option to obtain better quality wood.

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