5 Elegant Antique Items You Might Want to Own

Elegant Antique Items

The majority of people who collect fine antiques also adorn their homes with their collection, which makes perfect sense. If you are planning to furnish your dream home, here are a few choices of antique furniture items to consider adding to your existing collection.

1. Walnut Open Bookcase

A 19th-century walnut bookcase is perfect for storing your reading collection, or you may prefer a closed unit with glass doors to keep your book collection free of dust. Search online for a reputable antique dealer, browse the extensive catalog at your leisure and if you would like to arrange a private viewing, you can do so via their website.

2. A Pair Of Antique Guns

It’s the perfect accessory for an Edwardian study. With antique guns, you can add some real character to the room. Browse at your leisure and if you would like a private viewing, the dealer would be happy to arrange that. A single 19th-century pistol in a classic frame is another great addition to your study. The online antique dealer has a selection of antique firearms that are ideal for your study.

3. Leather 3-Piece Suite

The ultimate in-sitting room comfort, a Chesterfield leather sofa, and a couple of matching armchairs would be perfect. Made in the 1970s, this is a vintage addition that warms every living room setting and such a fine suite needs lots of TLC; it will last for many more years. A nice shade of deep brown is a great backdrop for a timber-style study or living room and real leather needs protection from special leather creams that seep into the material and keep it subtle. This kind of furniture is made to last and whether antique or vintage, leather seating oozes class and elegance.

4. Study Desk

When you need to pen a letter or fill in your daily journal, a stunning antique Victorian desk would fit perfectly. A mahogany roll-top desk with original brass fittings would be ideal for a study, with an old map of the world in a cedar frame on the wall and a couple of Victorian gas lamps. A period leather armchair would not look out of place and a couple of Elizabethan table lamps complete the look.

3. Grandfather Clock

The perfect antique feature, a grandfather clock is a very wise long-term investment and when you acquire such a timepiece, the dealer can offer essential servicing from a specialist to maintain the clock. This is a big-ticket item so take your time you might need to view 3-4 items before making your mind up. If you have the ideal placement, a grandfather clock is a statement feature and would take pride in place in any home.

These are just a few suggestions for ideal antique furniture pieces to adorn your living space and if you search online, you will find a leading antique dealer with a great selection of genuine antiques from many eras.

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