How To Choose the Right Marine Collagen Supplement in Australia

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Marine-Collagen-SupplementEvery Australian dreams of having fantastic hair, great skin, and healthy nails. Australia is a country which comprises the Australian continent’s mainland, Tasmania island and many smaller islands. This is the biggest nation in Oceania and the sixth-largest country in the world. Although it is said that Australians get enough proteins in their body to achieve this dream but is it really enough? And that’s when you require marine collagen supplements. The marine collagen supplements come from fish and it is the most abundant and impactful protein in the body. It keeps your skin healthy, gives you strong muscles, and keeps your joints healthy.

According to research, Australia will witness a significant growth in the marine collagen market in the forthcoming years. Surely, you must be wondering how to choose the best collagen product. Read further to learn all about it.

Opt for powder over pills

Collagen powder is the most effective method of increasing collagen levels in your body. Additionally, it is the most bioavailable method too. As per a study, collagen peptides were absorbed directly from the intestine providing higher oral bioavailability. Although pills seem an easier way of consuming, not everyone likes taking them. According to research, 40 percent of Americans found it difficult to swallow the collagen pills and preferred powder instead. So, if you are among those who find it hard to swallow pills, you can opt for collagen powder. Do you know why collagen powder is better? That’s because it gets digested quickly. Also, you can add the powder in liquids, tea, or a smoothie, which you can carry to work or any other place. Marine collagen powder is a portable choice.

Choose hydrolyzed collagen

Hydrolyzed marine collagen breaks collagen into tiny protein chains called marine collagen peptides. It occurs before the body utilises it. If you purchase hydrolyzed marine collagen powder, it will help in stimulating the natural collagen from your body. Due to its bioavailability, it plays a considerable role by absorbing a particular amount of collagen easily and utilising it in the body.

Try looking for marine collagen sourced from wild-caught fish

Several marine collagens are sourced from farmed fish before it is available in the supplement form, which might not always be healthy and sustainable. Because farmed fish are given artificial hormones to remain healthy, you can look for marine collagen powder supplements that are sustainable and sourced from wild-caught fish.

Try to keep away from artificial flavours

If you want to purchase something natural, it is best to stay away from artificial flavours and sweeteners. Although you will most likely find many collagen powders with lots of flavours on the market, it is unflavoured and odourless in its true form. These unflavoured and odourless marine collagens are free of additives and pure. Marine collagen can have a fishy smell. And the reason why artificial flavours are added is to mask that smell and even the taste. So, if you find it hard to consume the unflavoured marine collagen, you can always opt for the flavoured ones. After all, even if you mix it in some liquids or drink, that will not change its texture or taste.

Pay attention to the recommended dose of collagen

Each person will require a different dosage amount when consuming marine collagen. Also, those who have protein deficiency or maybe even some skin diseases should be attentive and thoroughly check the dosage you need. Generally, it’s a rule that your collagen dosage depends upon factors like your health, weight, exercise habits, and so forth. Consuming a lot of collagen can lead to bloating and affect your digestion. So, the daily dose of marine collagen should not exceed 10 grams, and you should choose the minimal dosage supplements.

So, if you plan to purchase marine collagen from Australian NaturalCare and so forth, you can keep all the above points in mind before buying. For sure, once you buy the suitable marine collagen and consume it, it will transform you and give you a healthier and youthful look.

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