How to Choosing Color Bulbs for Different Seasons

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From the shining sun of spring to the frosty fingers of winter, there’s a bulb that will bring color to every season. But how do you pick the correct color bulb for your home while giving it a sleek, designer finish?

When shopping for light bulbs, you need to consider the energy efficiency, lighting temperature, light output, measured in lumens, wattage, and most importantly, color.

Color bulbs can be compared to paint, with seemingly endless shades to choose from. Besides the traditional incandescent bulbs emitting warm, yellowish light, most bulbs emit white light, ranging from warm to cool. On the other hand, color bulbs emit a different color entirely, just as the name suggests. You can get a wide range of colors, from red to blue, green, yellow, and just about any color.

Is It Worth It?

Choosing a bulb that provides a perfect color can significantly impact the feel and functionality of any space. If the color is too low (or too warm), you may not be able to see everything you need to see. For example, a warm color bulb isn’t always ideal for task lighting but is well-suited to ambient lighting.

On the other hand, while cool bright colors are ideal for task lighting, a color temperature that is too high may prevent you from achieving the calm or relaxed feeling you want out of your space.

Just like paint, having the right bulb color can affect your mood whether you’re working, reading, or relaxing.

Spice Things Up!

There is always the right choice, whether it’s an office space or a home setting. Color bulb comes in a variety, and you can never get it wrong with designer lighting. In addition to adding a warm or cool feeling to your space, designer lighting also gives you a classy and impressive finish that visitors will never forget so quickly.

Designer lighting comes in different styles and designs, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, from contemporary to antique. These designer lights are ideal for just every space and season of the year; you might have to change the bulb’s color to suit your needs at that moment.

During the much warmer periods of the year, picking cool and low color temperature bulbs would help give a soft light to your space. This would also considerably reduce the amount of heat generated while conserving energy. And in much cooler, darker seasons, these color bulbs, with your fancy or simple, elegant designer lights, would give a bright and welcoming feeling to your space.

Designer lighting owing to a large variety of designs has also been said to leave a long-lasting imprint on the hearts of your visitors. More and more people are becoming aware of the sense of uniqueness that comes with designer lights and is more open to it.

Whether in summer, winter, autumn, or Spring, integrating color bulbs into your designer lights will most definitely give your home or office space the desired calm you’ve always wanted. Now is the best time to bring that idea into reality.

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