How Can Exercise Balls Help With Full Body Toning?

Exercise Balls Help Body Toning

These balls as fun and easy to use they may seem, are as effective as any other exercise method to strengthen your muscles and tone your body.
Whenever exercise feels like a boring thing to do, go for fitness balls. Working out can start to be much more amusing.

The best stability exercise

The fitness balls are also called stability balls. That must be for a valid reason. In fact, this equipment is not only used for regular exercise, but it’s used in physical therapy more than anything. The core benefit of this tool is that it requires using multiple muscles simultaneously. As a result, it enhances body harmony and pushes it to rely on as much muscles as possible. As a matter of fact, maintaining the balance of your body while doing the exercise using the ball is very effective to enhance body flexibility and stability.

How you should choose your fitness ball?

First thing to take into consideration when choosing your fitness ball is the size. It’s really important to have a ball that fits your height and overall size in order to get the best results out of your workout and avoid feeling uncomfortable during the exercise.
The good thing about this equipment is that it’s not an expensive one, it is easy to carry because it is not heavy at all and it’s available on the market in different colors and sizes. Make sure you have fun while looking for the best stability ball that fits you.

What are the best stability ball workouts ?

There’s no magical recipe for using the fitness ball. Ordinary workouts can work perfectly but the ball contributes to getting the best out of the movements by engaging as many muscles as possible and eventually working on your body balance.

Balance push up

There’s no fundamental difference comparing to normal push-ups position. You just need to put the ball under your shins. And then you need to maintain an active core in order to avoid hurting your back. As for the movement, you need to move the ball with you shins into the direction of your upper body and maintain your position.

V-Lift Flow

To do these lifts, your ankles need to do the work of holding and squeezing the ball. Lay on your back and keep your hands down by your side to make sure the core of your body is controlling the workout. Once you’re in position, start lifting up and down the ball with your legs.

Side oblique twists

Start by holding the ball in your arms, take one step forward, bend on your knees and start twisting then go back to the center and switch sides. Make sure you extend your arms and rely on your core. You always need to maintain the proper posture.

Standing Squat Lift

Start by opening your feet a little bit wider than your hips, hold the ball in your hands and start doing normal squats but simultaneously lifting the ball up.

Hamstring Curl

You need to take a sitting position. Make sure you sit on the floor or on a flat surface. Lay on your back and put the ball under your legs. You need to keep your legs straight. Start lifting your hips as you bring the ball towards your back using your legs, then extend.

The frequency and the pace of these exercises rely on you and your preferences as well as your body tolerance. Make sure you listen to your body when it gets tired. Finally, stay hydrated while working out.

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