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How To Dress And Style A Console Table

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Dress-And-Style-Console-TableIf you want to style your console table like a pro, there are certain ways to do it best. No matter where you have your console table placed, in the centre of the hallway or around the corner of the entrance of your home, it deserves some special attention.

Due to the antique style of this type of table, you may want to style it in a way that freshens it up and gives it a new lease of life. Commonly seen in entryways or living spaces, the tips outlined in this article are the essential steps you need to style it and make it even more appealing to walker-bys.

Whether you are looking at an antique treen or refurbished console, take it from us that it’s well worth the effort to invest some love into styling. Read on to get some tips.

Wonderful Tips On Decorating Your Console Table

  • Create a focal point. To really draw in the eye and captivate those who walk around it, try getting a centrepiece on the table like a piece of art, a beautiful mirror or a selection of much-loved photographs. These will be the heavier objects that centre and ground the console table, adding interest.
  • Increase its height. If your table is quite low, think about adding some height with a taller vase or a longer statue showcasing some art of some sort. If the table is lower, it creates balance and is a fundamental design rule to add some height somehow and this is a great way to do it. Remember, if you really wanted to draw some attention by adding a lamp or two to brighten the space and bring it to life.Decorating Console Table
  • Don’t forget underneath. Everyone is always so busy thinking about what to put on top of tables we never think about decorating underneath. There can be some great ideas for adding texture and interest under the console with a beautiful rug or smaller pouffes for additional seating if situated in the right area of the home. These accessories are creative and can help make your space more functional too!
  • Remember to balance things out. We always want to add balance to space so remember to not centre everything in the middle or have everything drawn to one side. Instead, keep things even and add a natural element to keep the space fresh and inviting. This could be flowers, a small tree or orchid. It will be much more appealing and will add some fresh air into your home.

As you can see there are several things you can do with a console table and many ways you can get creative doing so. Just remember to bear these tips in mind if you want to create the right kind of balance and vibe around the table. Doing so can bring the area to life and bring out the best in the table.

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