How To Feed A Ball Python Snake In Captivity?

Ball-Python-Snake-FeedAre you one of those who love having a pet snake? Do you think you can be a perfect caregiver to a ball python but hesitating about how to feed them? Do you know how to feed ball python – live or dead mouse? Well, it’s no rocket science to feed a python, as long as you know the right way to do it. Owing a ball python sounds little dramatic, but it’s a reality nowadays of having them as a pet. Though they are quite friendly as a pet, you need to be extra cautious while taking care of them.

For snake lovers and beginners as well, ball pythons turn out to be one of the favourite pets to own. Though beginners might take a while to get used to their python’s habit, you can get a wide variety of colour options to choose from since nowadays breeders are continuously trying to develop new breeds with beautiful colour combinations. It is always advisable to choose a young python so that you can nurture them well and they also get acquainted with the surroundings.

Ball Python Feeding Guide

To feed well, you get to know them well. Before you try to feed your python, you should know complete detail about their temperament, best terrarium, housing conditions, eating habits and health issues as well. You can’t just go on and feed anything to your python; there are some specifications to be followed.

Like, the size of the prey should not be more than the largest diameter of your python. There are many more things you should know about their eating habits. Just stay along, and you will have all your doubts cleared in no time.

How To Feed Ball Python?

Since now you know about the size of the prey to be fed, now is the right time to know how to feed a ball python – live mice or a dead mouse? A piece of general advice is to feed a dead prey but if the python is young and trained enough a live prey can be fed too. There are two underlying reasons for feeding dead mice. Firstly it saves the energy of your pet of killing prey, and they need to engulf what is fed to them. Secondly, it is safer for your pet, as live prey might seriously injure them. And a perk to you is that you don’t need to kill the prey yourself; instead, you can get frozen prey in any pet store or on Amazon.

It is also advisable to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for ball Python else they will not eat anything and are stressed out.


Though as much hectic as it sounds, trust me, it isn’t that difficult. Getting a thawed or frozen rodent is quite a cheap, more comfortable option to feed and works well to ease your python’s appetite.

Though live or freshly killed mice are full of essential nutrients and are more beneficial for the python. But either way, you should always be cautious about the health of your python. Feeding the right way can help you go well with the health of your pet.

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