Portable Restrooms for Outdoor Events

Importance of Portable Restrooms Facilities For Outdoor Events

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Portable Restrooms for Outdoor EventsNowadays, to plan a perfect outdoor event is quite challenging. It requires serious consideration of some significant aspects. However, proper planning and staid contemplation of all the elements may avoid devastation and misfortunes. So, being an event planner demands some additional skills, and you have to prepare everything to make the event successful for you.

Factually, outdoor events are imperfect if you can’t plan portable restrooms for the guests. Today, we will highlight the significance of portable restrooms for outdoor events. Additionally, the current article spotlights some essential tips to mull before arranging the portable restrooms for the outdoor activities.

Importance of Restroom facilities during outdoor events

Generally, it has been examined that people need sanitation facility after 3 to 4 hours. Similarly, the research studies have also confirmed that beverages, beers, and alcohol increase the need for portable restrooms for more than 30% to 40%. If the guests have to wait in the long queue, it may affect your overall event negatively because it raises a question on your event management.

Benefits of Portable restroom

Portable restrooms are incredibly beneficial for your outdoor events as they provide the following benefits including;

  • Expediency

If you set up portable restrooms near the event, your guest can use them as per their convenience. They don’t have to walk far away for this purpose. This is exceptionally advantageous for elderly guests who can’t go away.

  • Easy To use

Portable restrooms have multiple options, and you can adjust them according to the needs of the guest. Such restrooms have some incredible features, including railings and ramps, that’s why people can use them without any trouble. For additional comfort, you can use portable sinks as well.

  • Cost-Effective

There is no point in constructing restrooms for temporary events. So, these portable restrooms save money that you can use for other productive purposes. Similarly, you don’t need to take permits as you can install them anytime. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to go for this option rather than spending enough amount to construct the toilets.

You can take the assistance of porta-potty rental in Vancouver, WA, as their vast working experience can make your outdoor event planning and arrangement of portable restrooms easier for you.

Portable Restrooms: Major factors to consider

Consider the following factors about portable restrooms;

  • Toilets’ Accessibility

If your guest can’t access the toilets easily during the outdoor events, there is no point in arranging such facilities for them. So, you have to ensure that these restrooms are visible to the guests, and they can access it anytime without any hesitation. For this purpose, we strongly recommend you to create a pathway for the guest. This pathway will give your guests a proper idea about the location of the restrooms.  

Another smart way is to use signboards for this purpose so that the guests may get a clear direction. However, you should organize the portable restrooms gracefully, and with a proper strategy else, it can ruin your reputation.

  • Order Enough Units

The hired rental facility provides all the relevant information about the portable restrooms and the number of units you need for your guests. As per the expert views, one portable restroom is enough for 25 guests, but if you are planning a big outdoor event, then you have to plan the number of units accordingly. However, if you have arranged a food party or any refreshment, then the number of units must be increased.

  • Type of Units

The types of units you choose mainly depends on the event and the total guests you have invited. For the elderly guests, we recommend you to opt for handicapped-accessible units so that they may use the portable toilets without any difficulty. And, if the event is entirely casual, then choosing non-flush portables is a perfect choice. If you are organizing the event for the elite class, then go for luxury units along with the flushing facility because it not only provides aesthetic plead but gives more relaxation as well.

  • Cleanliness Facility

If the outdoor event is for multiple days, then you must provide sanitation of portable restrooms above anything else. To accomplish this goal, you must hire some professional cleaners who take care of hygiene throughout the event and provide sanitizers to clean hands. Your guests will feel privileged, and they will enjoy more if you take care of their sanitary needs.

Final Words

Your outdoor event is incomplete if you don’t provide all the significant facilitations to the guests. No doubt, the availability of portable restroom facility has brought much convenience in everyone’s life.

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