Underground Music Artists

How to Find Underground Music Artists

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Underground Music Artists

If you’re looking for a way to discover underground artists, try searching on forums and social networks that focus on this genre of music. For example, you can find a forum for underground BDSM or underground swingers.

Another way to find underground music is through a high-quality music blog. These blogs typically have a section on their homepage that features the best submissions they receive from musicians.


It is an open music distribution platform that allows listeners and singers to share and upload music. Founded in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, it has become one of the world’s largest open music communities. Its user base is composed of professional musicians and amateur content creators alike. The platform also provides a number of useful tools to promote music and connect with fans.

The free version of the platform offers unlimited streaming and downloading of songs and a customized homepage feed with a list of tracks by artists you follow. It also features a “Picks for You” playlist that recommends new music based on your listening habits. In addition, it offers a “Serendipity Map” that shows you when other users listen to the same song at the same time.

Unlike other platforms that limit how much you can upload and download, SoundCloud lets you host unlimited audio files and podcasts. It also has a mobile app and an integrated social media network for sharing and distributing content. In fact, some users even make money from their uploaded content.

Its search function is incredibly powerful, allowing you to find underground artists by searching for specific keywords or genres. You can also use the site’s filtering options to narrow your results. If you like a certain track, the app will also suggest similar artists and playlists.

Another way to discover underground music is by visiting a blog that regularly posts submissions from independent artists. For example, HotNewHipHop, a popular hip-hop music blog, has an area on its homepage that highlights the best submissions from its readers. This section is updated frequently and contains many different styles of music. It is a great way to find hip-hop music from the underground scene.


In 2007, Peter Rojas (founder of Engadget and Gizmodo) launched RCRD LBL, a robust music website that offers free, curated, legal MP3 downloads. It was a new type of online record label that combined the best features of the then-booming music blogs—DRM-free audio, personalized discourse, and an ever-expanding library of tunes—with the for-profit professionalism (and legal soundness) of traditional taste-maker record labels like Factory Records in the 1980s and Rough Trade at its peak.

RCRD has been one of the most important music sites of the Internet era. In its first year, it helped bring underground artists to the forefront of the music world, and in recent months it has continued to revolutionize the way that musicians communicate with their fans.

Its success is a direct result of the changing nature of the music industry. The old, traditional infrastructure that dominated the business of music is crumbling and being replaced by new institutions, such as RCRD.

Unlike most music blogs, RCRD LBL pays its artists. The label gives them advances that start at $500 per song and go up for bigger names, and it splits with the artists any money that the songs earn from licensing to television shows or movie soundtracks. In addition, RCRD has an unusual penchant for shepherding its acts to success while maintaining its indie credentials. Plan B, Gnarls Barkley, and Cold War Kids are just a few of the artists that have rocketed to fame on the strength of RCRD.

RCRD also has a very active community that is passionate about discovering new music. Its members can comment on and share music with others, and there is a subreddit for sharing songs. The music is often eclectic; if you find something you love, it can be easy to discover other similar artists.

Hype Machine

There’s a huge amount of talent on the Internet that you won’t find on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. These musicians also cannot afford the marketing budgets of big record labels, so they depend on Hype Machine to get their music out there.

The Hype Machine is a digital trending tool that helps users discover new music. It works by analyzing what other people are listening to and suggesting similar songs. Its algorithm is driven by the concept that people like the same things and connect with one another. This is known as homophily, and it’s the reason why we tend to share music with our friends.

Music blogs are one of the best places to find underground music. They typically offer free songs mixed in with the articles that they publish. These songs aren’t available anywhere else and are a great way to discover new music. A high-quality music blog will also feature the highest-rated submissions on its homepage.

Another way to find underground music is through Bandcamp, a website that lets you support artists directly. It’s a great way to support the arts and help independent artists make a living from their music. It also gives fans the opportunity to personalize their page and see what other fans are listening to. The site’s popularity is growing, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s also a good place to learn about different genres and styles of music. Bandcamp offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal.


Bandcamp is a great place to start if you’re looking for underground artists. It’s an online music distribution platform that offers a variety of features to help promote artists and sell their music. It also allows fans to buy physical copies of albums and merchandise. The website’s layout is user-friendly and allows users to search for music by genre, location, and format type.

A major advantage of Bandcamp is that it allows artists to freely upload their music. This allows fans to sample the music and decide whether to purchase it. It also gives artists a higher percentage of royalties than other streaming services.

Bandcamp is an online music distribution platform that has built a reputation for its community support of independent artists. Its ethos has helped it attract a diverse audience of music lovers from all over the world. The New York Times has even called the site “one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time.” Despite its popularity, Bandcamp isn’t for everyone.

Most of the artists on Bandcamp are indie-rock bands, but there are also many other styles, such as video game soundtracks or ambient hipster kitsch from about five years ago, known as vaporwave. In addition to music, the Bandcamp site hosts other media forms, such as comics and videos.

Epic Games acquired the company in March last year, but they promised to keep the site running as a standalone marketplace and music community. Bandcamp’s user base is largely composed of independent artists, which has helped it gain a reputation for being a hub for undiscovered music. The website also publishes articles promoting new artists, allowing them to reach a wider audience.


Any music lover must have an internet connection and access to a streaming service. Using streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music can help you discover new artists. These services will recommend a variety of playlists based on your listening habits. You can also use search tools to find specific songs or albums. Often, these sites feature a selection of underground talent and are a great way to discover hidden gems.

A popular platform for uploading creative sounds and songs is SoundCloud. It is a place where people can create and share their own playlists with others. This site is a great place to find underground talent as it has a wide range of genres, and many users have created their own playlists to share. You can find anything from Goa trance to Celtic punk on this platform.

Another way to find underground artists is by searching for them on music blogs. These blogs typically have a section on their home page that features the top submissions from their readers. These articles can provide a good overview of what is currently happening in the underground music scene. Some blogs offer a unique twist to a particular genre, such as funk.

One of the best ways to support underground artists is by purchasing their music through Bandcamp. This allows fans all over the world to support musicians directly. The website has a customizable page where you can showcase your collection of music and even sell merchandise. It is also possible to set up a subscription so that you can receive regular updates about new releases and events. It is important to keep in mind that if you are an artist, it can take time for your music to reach the top of the charts. This is why promoting your music on as many platforms as possible and networking with other artists is crucial.

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