The World of Large Tiles: A Guide To Large Format Tiles

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Residential interior design has taken an interesting turn in the past years. The biggest interior design shift includes moving towards a cleaner and more contemporary aesthetic, often with an almost industrial and minimalist edge. One such way to incorporate all these is by using large format tiles.

These big tiles, previously only used for commercial properties, recently made their way into the residential interior.

This change in the industry only strengthens and pretty much marks large format tiles as one of the currently leading trends in interior designing. To know more here is a short but informative guide about large format tiles.

What Is A Large Format Tile?

Large-format tiles or LFT are either floors or wall tiles that exceed the standard or average tile size. These huge tiles are available in rectangular or square shapes. They are primarily used in living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. LFT is said to be more assertive in general and is harder to crack.

Installing LFT entails hard work, but the benefits they provide and their aesthetic make it all worth it in the end.

What Is Considered A Large Format Tile?

The tile industry continues to grow and experiment over the years by using various technologies and advancements. Before, a mere 12×12 tile was considered an LFT already. Today though, any tile that goes beyond 15 inches is considered to be LFT. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, cement tile, marble tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, granite tile, and limestone tile are some top-quality tiles types.

These tiles come in various sizes. Some sizes are 12×24, others have 24×28, and of course, there is an abundant number of options. The sizes are almost endless, and the same goes with the design and style!

Why Go For Large Format Tiles?

LFT offers several benefits. Some of them are:

Easy Maintenance

Grout cleaning is probably the main problem encountered by those who use tiles. Dirt always gets between the cracks, and cleaning them out is a big challenge. LFT, since it uses fewer tiles, has fewer grout lines. It means easier maintenance and cleaning.

Aesthetic Purposes

Practicality aside, LFT creates an aesthetically pleasing interior. The large and sleek tile designs add a touch of modern style to space. LFT also gives a contemporary edge to the room. It makes it appear cleaner and pleasing to the eye.

Greater Sense of Spaciousness

The large tiles create an illusion of large space and surface. They can affect one’s perception of the room’s size.

Variety of Uses

Having a large surface gives way to many innovative and creative ideas in terms of design and style. It is possible to use large porcelain tiles similar to the ones Wilhand is selling. You can use them in creating work tables and kitchen countertops due to their size, durability, and consistency.

Continuity Effect

Having large tiles means needing smaller groupings, leading to a higher level of uniformity. The reduced number of groupings creates a visual sense of continuity that only LFT can offer. Furthermore, the separation between the sheets is reduced. With the growing demand for large tiles, several trusted and renowned tile service companies like Wilhand are now accepting large format tile projects for homes and residential properties.

When it comes to designing an interior, going for something with a large impact would not hurt. As the famous saying goes, either go big or go home. With these tiles attributing various advantages, it is no surprise that homeowners would try to switch up their floors and walls by incorporating them.

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