Super Swaps – 5 Simple Upgrades That Will Make Your Home A True Sanctuary

Your home is your castle, your paradise, your restful haven. It’s the place you want to come home to after a long day of work leaves you in need of rest and relaxation. It’s a place in which you want to feel calm, safe, and secure. If you experience none of that when you’re in your house, then it’s time to take action. Here are five simple upgrades that will make your home the sanctuary you’ve always craved.

Advanced Cooking Technologysimple home upgrades

Many people believe their kitchen is the heart of their home… but is it? If you want your property to be a true sanctuary, then you need to fill it with things that promote a positive experience. Cookware and kitchen technology that burns or undercooks your food does not.

Something as simple as an induction cookware set can transform how you feel about your kitchen. You can enjoy food that’s cooked evenly and quickly, with a safer meal preparation experience. Induction technology only produces heat when the cookware connects to the element, so there’s little risk of harm.

Comfortable Sofas

After a long day at work on your feet, it’s such a lovely feeling to come home to a big, soft sofa that hugs you as you sit down. If you don’t have such a couch, then it’s time to get one. After working over 30 hours per week, it’s your right to have somewhere to relax with your loved ones. Pay a visit to a furniture shop and see what’s available. You’d be surprised at how a sofa can transform your home from sad to sanctuaryindoor plants

Plant Life

If the only sign of greenery in your home is the old lettuce in the bottom of your vegetable drawer, then it’s time to re-evaluate your stance. Turning your home into a sanctuary can involve welcoming plants into your life with open arms. Plants are beneficial for stress reduction, productivity, and fostering a positive mood. There has to be a reason why they’re brought into most offices and hospitals. While they can take a little care and maintenance, they don’t ask for much at all.

Visit a garden store and find out what they recommend for your home. You’ll be on your way to that peaceful paradise in no time.

Fresh Paint

Sometimes, all it takes to transform your home is a fresh lick of paint. If your walls are looking a little worse for wear, or time has taken its toll on the freshness of your property, then find the answer in a tin of paint. Some of themost popular interior paint colors for 2019 are those that tip their hat to nature. Deep greens, soft grays, and even blue-grays are all the rage in new homes being built today. Get your paintbrush out and rejuvenate your sanctuary.Reasons to Switch to LED Lights


No one likes the doom and gloom of a dark and dingy room. Bring back some freshness and airiness with new lights. A true sanctuary is one that’s warm and welcoming, and lighting can achieve that. Complement your primary light sources with the warmth of lamps. Even Himalayan salt lamps are becoming more and more favored for both their ambiance and supposed health benefits.

No-one wants to live in a home that doesn’t make them feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Fortunately, there are some simple fixes for achieving that feeling you crave. Upgrade your sofa, lighting, and cooking technology, and even invest in plant life and a fresh lick of paint. Your home will be the best version of itself in no time, and then you can be too.

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