How to Reduce Pain after Lasik Eye Surgery

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Lasik is a popular eye surgical procedure that improves your eyesight. It corrects refractive errors and saves you from the trouble of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Although it’s relatively almost a pain-free procedure, you may experience slight pain during the recovery process. It’s because the procedure alters the tissues of your eyes. But there’s nothing to worry about. Through proper care, you can regain your vision and prevent eye pain.


Here are a few effective Lasik surgery recovery tips to help you reduce eye pain:

Take Medications

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help you overcome pain after the surgery. Make sure you take prescribes medicines on time. Not only will it effectively reduce pain but also speed up the recovery process.

Use Eye Drops

It’s advised to use medications as prescribed by your doctor. It includes oral medicines as well as eye drops.
Eye drops are prescribed to reduce pain and avoid eye dryness. Keep eye drops with you at all times and use them in case of redness or pain.

Take Rest

During the initial few weeks after surgery, you’re likely to feel pain in your eyes. So use glasses for reading books, watching TV or using your smartphone or PC will augment it and affect your eyesight.

Don’t indulge in activities that may cause pain in your eyes. Give your eyes ample rest to avoid discomfort and speed up the healing.

Protect Your Eyes from Sunrays

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your eyes and affect your eyesight. After Lasik surgery, it’s more important than ever to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Try to avoid going out in the sun for a few days after the treatment. But if it’s important, wear sunglasses and a hat when you go out. It’ll protect your eyes from direct sunlight and help you recover fast.

Wear Eye Shades

During the initial few days after Lasik surgery, it’s common for people to feel pain or itching in their eyes. If you accidentally rub your eyes, it may lead to severe pain and slow down the recovery.

In order to avoid this scenario, wear your eye shield particularly while sleeping. It’ll reduce the risk of accidental contact with your eyes and help you prevent pain.

Avoid Wearing Eye Makeup

Stay away from eye makeup for a month after Lasik surgery recovery. Cosmetic products can lead to eye redness or itchiness and affect your eye health. Once your eyes have healed, you can wear facial makeup. But for safety measures, you should consult your doctor before using such products.

Stay Away from Sports

You may enjoy swimming or other sports activities, but you need to stay away from sports for at least two to three weeks after surgery. Skip water sports, football, swimming, and other activities until your eyes fully heal.

After Lasik surgery, you should visit your doctor on a regular basis. They will examine your eye health and prescribe medications to help you overcome pain and boost recovery.

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