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Well, first off, the Dragons won this Season’s 8th game this Sunday when they defeated Melbourne Storm 34-14. St. George Illawarra are standing out, in particular, this year, although it’s too early right now to tell. Anything can happen. But the odds seem to be in their favour.

St. George Illawarra Dragons are in Top Shape

They seem to be in top shape as they have scored some major wins this year. The St. George and Illawarra representative team have defeated Roosters, Broncos, South Sydney, Storm and Cronulla up till now. Only the Warriors from New Zealand have managed to defeat the Dragons.

If you had any doubts earlier about the St. George Illawarra Dragons, this Sunday’s match with Melbourne should clear those doubts right up. They’re shaping up to be the team to beat this season. They managed to restrict Melbourne Storm to 14 points while gaining a whopping lead of 20 points on them.

The Dragons’ coach, Paul McGregor was ecstatic and said that that the team has been appreciated for their efforts. He has a lot of confidence in the team and that the attitude and spirits of the team are up. The Dragons seem to be in high spirits and are pushing forward with the right belief and attitude to win. Complacency looks like it’s miles away.

It’s a strong possibility that they will continue winning games in the next couple of months, and you can bet on them using Bluebet.

The win of the Dragons over Melbourne Storm is the eighth win of this season for them. James Graham, who is originally from England, says that people may say what they want but they are going to continue doing what they’ve done in the past.

He apparently gave some insight into the Dragon’s strategy and was particularly adamant that the players are not letting their guard down by celebrating too early. He said that they’re concentrating on developing themselves as a team and are focusing on themselves in order to bring out the best of their abilities. It’s about strengths and not threats apparently.

Todd Carney is Not Returning

Todd has played for Catalans and Salford in the past and was with the Northern Pride Rugby League Football Club. But he has denied his return to the NRL as part of the North Queensland Cowboys. Instead, he has chosen to return to Sydney to fight another battle: Family. His mother has been battling breast cancer for quite some time.

Family always comes first and Carney believes that with all his heart. It’s been difficult for him and his sisters and of course their mother. Despite difficulties, his mother managed to come and see him and prompted his decision to be with her.

It’s a very noble gesture from Carney and one that many people can understand and empathize with. He mentioned that his mother has been his number one supporter and it’s time he returned some of that good faith.

Northern Pride, however, has decided that to move on from their loss with Jordan Biondi-Odo. He seems like a fairly motivated chap; let’s just hope he’s able to fill in Carney’s shoes.

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