How to Secure Power Cords Without Dulling Your Home Decor?

Secure Power Cords

When it comes to remodeling or refurbishing your home, one major issue that almost always arises is where you want your power outlets to be situated, and how to best hide your power cables everywhere, in every way you can. For sure, the hurdle of messy cords is a shared frustration among homeowners alike.

Of course, no one wants to see dangling and out-of-place cables in their home – not only does it make the interior look worse, but it can also pose potential problems in some cases they are tangled or left unorganized.

One way, however, that homeowners go around this is by creatively securing power cables while, at the same time, not risking nor dulling their interior design.

With a few nifty, creative tricks, you’d be surprised at how you’re able to remove those unsightly cords while still properly executing your visioned home ideas, leaving no room for extra clutter.

How do you hide cords when decorating?

When decorating your home, you might as well get acquainted with the areas where there’s bound to be an issue with dangling cords. By doing this, you’d already be able to come up with different ways how to best hide them.

An example of this is by using a staple gun to secure the cords. Cords from lamps, printers, and more can mess up the organization within your space. One good and the common hack is stapling the cords and concealing them right underneath the table and along its legs.

Some ways on how to hide cords can either be through DIYs, smart interior arrangements, and cable organizers. Whatever method you use, they can prove to be great remedies for your messy wires problem, all without the need for extra rigorous effort.

How can you hide cords without drilling?

Now for slightly larger appliances, televisions, for example – it can get quite challenging. At most, you’d need to drill holes or hammer your way into hiding and securing your power cords.

Not all times though – being creative enough not to resort to drilling holes in your wall to hide TV cords can solve the trick. Only wrap the cords together using zip ties, then corral them using a piece of cloth (preferably one that matches your walls). With this clever method, you get to hit two birds with one stone: keeping a decorative space and securing power cords.

How do you hide power strips and cords?

Power strips can be convenient, especially if you want to plug two more than two appliances or items at a time. However, they aren’t quite pretty to look at.

When decorating homes, it’s best to start with hiding power strips.

With power strips, the best way to conceal them is to hide them behind furniture. In terms of small spaces, one can opt to hide cords behind a neat and well-decorated bookshelf. As we know, having messy power cords all over a small space can further make the area look cramped, which is why it’s best if they’re hidden. Also, it makes for a clean and more pleasing room.

If you have personal computers at home, then you’re more likely familiar with how desktop or internet modem cables can seem quite unsightly. One trick that can remedy this is to hide them in a woven basket, or behind book covers. Using woven, stylish baskets with holes can serve as decoration for your working space, all while creatively securing the cords of your concealed modem/router.

It’s important to remember to leave a bit of room since some power cords generate heat. Make sure that the power cords aren’t situated on top of any flammable devices.

How do you use a cable management box?

Overheating can be a problem with power strips, but with cable organizers such as cable management boxes, that won’t be much of a problem. Cable management boxes are efficient both as a design and as a way to hold your power strips. There are openings on the bottom for proper airflow, so there won’t be a need to worry about overheating.

To use it, place the electricity strip inside the box and feed the main wire through the hole on one side. Then, bundle the cords together and run them through the other side for an aesthetic, and simple replacement compared to that hideous mess of a power strip.


With a few creative tricks up your sleeve, you can already be rid of messy cords and wires that clutter and ruin your decorative space.

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