Simple and Easy Golf Swing Tips for Seniors


A great senior golf swing does not require the same technique as someone who learned how to swing when they were younger.

If you’ve noticed you’re no longer hitting the ball as far as you once did, there are ways you can improve your swing. Although, yes, there may be many online materials available to improve golf swings, not all of them will provide the type of tips you need as a senior.

The following are some essential tips that can help you improve and swing further than you probably expect.

Move into the Lead Leg When Hitting the Ball

One of the best ways for seniors to improve their swing without much strain on their body is to move into the lead leg when striking the ball. This will help you get good balance while hitting the ball better and farther.

It is what is called the “sway line.” Just imagine whenever you address the golf ball, there is a line moving up the outside of your back leg. When you position your body in that manner, you are good to go.

Your aim should be to walk away from the swaying line by creating some distance between you and the swaying line and moving your hips forward toward the target.


But you would need to move more and work much more challenging if you want to move away from the target over the swaying line.

If you were to move away from the target over the swaying line, you’d have to work more complicated and move more to get onto the lead leg when you swing.

Your arms take more responsibility

The key to a powerful senior golf swing is by using the arms effectively. As you get older, you have to start using your arms and hands more often. 

Some very lovely golf drills will enable you to hit powerful, controlled shots. There is one that will allow you to put less emphasis on your body while you swing with your arms.

You should put your feet together while taking a golf stance. This makes it harder to rotate your body, allowing your body to rely on your arms. You can practice by hitting a few shots with your arms only. When you do it consistently in the correct position, you will be improving the power of your golf swing.

Although rotating is still very relevant in your senior golf swing, practicing this drill is essential to get more power to your swings.

Golf Swing Tips for Seniors

You should draw rather than a fade

When stepping up to the tee, you should be aiming to draw rather than fade. There is a good reason for this.

A fade normal requires more spin, so you are unlikely to roll out much. But the easiest way to add more distance to your drive is by hitting a draw.

So, if you didn’t take drawing as an essential aspect of your drilling as a senior, you should start taking it seriously. That’s because it will help you add more distance to your shorts without doing too much.

Less Back and More Swing

Yes, your diminishing ability to turn back should not affect your swing. However, remember that the power of the swing lies in the follow-through, just as it is with throwing the ball.

You can make slight changes to improve your follow-through. For example, try to open your foot up by about 30% to give yourself the chance for a fuller follow-through. And when you have hit the ball and it has hit impact, consider walking a little.


Find Better Ways to Transfer Your Weight

As a senior, the loss of an entire movement can lead to a loss of turn and power. But there is something you can do to put more weight somewhere else.

You can transfer your total weight onto your back foot on your backswing. Afterward, you can reverse it when you take a position on your follow-through.

Generally, your weight will move from your back foot to your back foot as your chest and hips rotate. You will gain more balance in this way, which will allow you to raise your swing levels.

Have a Golf Simulator

Technology has made it easier for seniors to practice their golf with ease. As a senior, you can avail yourself of the stress of going out on the field to practice some golf swings. One thing you should know about a golf simulator is the fact that it allows you to practice different aspects of golf without putting much stress on your body. Additionally, it doesn’t require much space to set up. With a good golf simulator, you will be having precise measurements of your swings and other metrics you can use to improve your golf skills.

Generate More Turn

Another way senior golfers can improve their swing distance is to generate more rotation or turn when swinging with their senior golf club.

Although older golf players may find this a bit complicated, it can be achieved with less stress if you follow some simple tips. Try to move your back leg to stay in a closed stance. Afterward, flare out your back foot, which will give you more space and freedom on your swing. This way, you will do less while generating more power for your swing.

Final Words

As a senior, if you want to twist and turn the way you used to, you may end up having lower back pain or other forms of injuries.

With the above in mind, it’s very simple to master the senior golf swings.

While there are lots of advice out there both online and offline, you should remember that you may have a different working environment from others. Also, you should remember that you’re working with a different set of circumstances. So, it’s crucial to understand how best you can improve on your swings as a senior.


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