How to Successfully Straighten Black Hair At Home

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Straightening thick hair can be a severe obstacle. If you have ever been irritated by the procedure, you don’t have to abandon all hope for pin-straight locks. By preparing your hair correctly and using the right tools, you can attain smooth, shiny, straight hair no matter how thick it is.

Straighten Black Hair With Flat Iron – 7 Easy Steps

Hair straightening task will be; here are the 7 easy steps you just need to follow:

Start with Well-Conditioned Hair

Before you also turn on that flat iron, ask yourself this: is my hair well-conditioned? If it’s not, transform that iron off and also tend to your hair.

Many want to tell, a good heat protectant can do that but that’s not true. You only need to use direct heat to hair then it will make you straighten hair without further damage.

Flat Iron Clean Hair

The ideal time to flat iron your thick hair is immediately adhering to a fresh hair shampoo and conditioning session (and deep conditioning, if needed). You have to press hair when it’s clean; applying heat to hair that has products and dust in it is doing nothing more than baking these old products and dust in.

Use Heat Protectant

When your hair is dry, apply a heat protectant to every hair section before flat ironing it. However, do not get misled by heat protectant assists; however, even the very best brand will not stand up to heat that’s expensive.

Many flat irons get to a max of 450 levels; you don’t have to crank yours up this high if you can straighten your hair at 340.

Flat Iron In Dry Hair

For the very best, longest-lasting results, completely dry and just flat iron hair. Again, doing otherwise only a dish to fry your hair. Does this mean you have to coiffure it straight first? Not always.

You can continuously damp wrap your natural black or thick hair as well as sit under a hood or bonnet clothes dryer until it’s dry– this is a gentler drying out approach, and the wrapping technique smooths your hair similar to blow-drying would.

Adjust The Right Temperature As You Needed

Just because your iron heats up to 450 degrees does not imply every part of your hair calls for that much heat. For ladies with all-natural black hair, finding out that they have two or three different structures on one head may be a shock; however, it’s not unusual.

Your crown location may be the curliest section, which would need high heat; however, the hair on the sides of your head may be straighter, so turn the heat down when pressing that section.

Flat Iron Small Sections

Smaller irons (1 1/2 inches or less) are better for tackling tiny sections of hair. Try not to push items bigger or thicker than 1 inch at once, even if the larger iron is cheaper.

You’ll do much better work of straightening the whole section when you don’t have to take care of too much hair at once. Big, chunky sections won’t align correctly.

Wrap Hair during the night

Since your flat ironing task is complete, don’t wreck all your hard work with no nighttime care! Wrap your hair during the night, and also cover it with silk or satin before bed.

By doing this, your morning regular contains little more than taking your hair down and even brushing with it. You already have the mild contour and quantity– say goodbye to heat is required.

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