Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Clear Skin

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Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin is very important, 

However, we all know that! 

Then why are we so pressed about night routines? 

This is because this is the time that we are finally destressing from everything that is happening to us throughout the day and simply declutters. 

This means our skin also needs this time to breathe. 

We get off all the residual makeup and daily dirt from our face and allow our pores to breathe. 

This is one of the reasons why we need to get into a proper night routine

Especially a dermatologically tested night routine if you want that clear skin. 

Just to ‘clear’ some things out before your skin! 

Clear skin doesn’t mean a glass texture. Only your Instagram filters can give you that. 

Clear skin means you are not suffering from any active skin issues and working towards minimizing the scars. 

Overall healthy skin! 

Nighttime Skin Care Routine For Clear Skin

Here is a night routine that is not only important but also therapeutic.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

We cannot stress this enough! 

But, do you have any idea about all the things you might need water for and why you should drink enough water before sleeping? 

  • They help in regenerating cells overnight.
  • They will help to keep your skin hydrated throughout.
  • They also help you have a good, undisturbed sleep which can get rid of those dark circles.

2. Intake Light Healthy Food

Light, healthy food intake without much salt or sugar will help your skin to breathe and detox. 

Having food with high quantities of salt and sugar in your diet will unnecessarily make your skin either too dry or too oily, making it break out.

3. Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!

Cleansing your skin before you sleep is very important! 

You have to ensure that there is no dirt or residual makeup on your skin that is making you break out later. 

Your pores should be clean, and you should be able to breathe at night.

4. Moisturize & Serum

Yes, these two are also very important steps of having clear skin! 

No, your cane won’t go away if you stop moisturizing. Plus, these serums and moisturizers will help your skin to heal overnight. 

Retain the moisture and glow.

5. Use Silk Pillow Cover

It is better if you use silk pillows as they are most likely to have antibacterial properties. 

They are extremely good for your skin and your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which we often get to hear about getting clear skin. 

Yes, there are many, but we have been able to search for some of the important ones. Moreover, the ones which can absolutely help you, if that clear skin is what you desire. 

These questions will have expert answers, which we have collected from renowned skin specialists from all over the world.

1. Can I Skip Moisturizer If I Have Oily Skin At Night?

Ans. There is no way you should avoid moisturization when it comes to the nighttime healthy and clear skin routine.

Yes, if you have oily skin, it might seem like a good idea since your skin is already generating more oil. Some Louis Widmer dermatologic products might help you achieve that.

However, without proper moisturization, your oil follicles will get confused, and in order to compensate for the dryness, they will start secreting more oil. As a result, you will break out at night because of the clogged pores.

2. How Can I Clean My Skin Internally At Night?

Ans. There are certain things that you can try, and they can help you clear your skin internally. Some of it being-

  • You can stop putting too much salt in your dinner.
  • Cut caffeine strictly after 4 pm.
  • If you have a tendency to have tea late at night, try having green tea without intaking any sugar in it.
  • If you are someone who forgets to drink water, remember that the cells in your skin that are rejuvenating at night will need water, so have a lot of water at night.

Healing Inside Out!

Whenever you are trying to clear your skin from previous skin issues, you need to have a skincare routine. 

Thes should include some healthy diet choices, rather than just buying products. 

Your body heals, and so will your skin.

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