How to Throw a Corporate Party on a Budget


If you are like most business owners, you are likely to keep yourself occupied with one or the other task. However, along with frantic arrangements for inventory and employees, you might want to plan a corporate party as well. It provides you a fitting opportunity to thank your staff for their hard work and allow them to relax and socialize with coworkers.

Despite knowing the potential upsides of corporate parties, most companies do not organize them at all. The reason behind this is quite straightforward; businesses find office events financially draining. Well, you do not necessarily have to break your bank for that. Here are a bunch of tips to throw a decent party in a budget-friendly way.

Narrow Down A Theme

Every fantastic party requires a unique theme. Before you spend a dime on party items, be sure you have finalized a theme, as it allows you to focus your planning efforts and define the overall tone for the party. It also aids in budget control because spending solely on the same basic theme may require less while having a greater impact. Magazines are brimming with ideas. Once you find the desired theme, the creative juices will start flowing right off the bat.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

For anyone arranging an amazing office party, time is the most valuable commodity. Preparation saves time, money, and manual effort along the way. Ample time allows you to thoroughly con your options and make well-informed decisions. Budgeting is the most crucial aspect of the planning process. Reservations are usually more economical if made in advance rather than with a one-day or even one week notice. Furthermore, you will have adequate time to select the ideal gifts for your employees as rewards for showing good performance. As 2021 is coming to an end, we would recommend you buy bulk Christmas gifts with a customized brand logo.

Explore Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas

You might have fantastic speakers and an excellent event agenda, but there is one thing you must not overlook when planning your next corporate event: making it enjoyable. That is where the entertainment part rolls into action.

If your entertainment comes up short, the attendees will be less engaged. On the flip side, if your entertainment is a hit, it will captivate your guests and keep them talking about the event long after it comes to an end. But here is the tricky part; what entertainment ideas could be accommodated on a low budget? Here are some of the worth ideas to consider.

Rapid-fire challenge

Rapid-fire challenges are based on games, trivia, and physical tasks that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The activity might range from drawing your company’s logo to designing a cake in the official colors. You will need a timer, a judge, and basic supplies for the respective rapid-fire challenge.

Photo booths

The concept of photo booths is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate setting. They give a fashionable touch to parties while also providing a lovely backdrop for attendees to record the moment as soon as they arrive.


A good chuckle is a great way for your visitors to sit and relax at your event. A professional stand-up comedian can help to alleviate any early evening awkwardness and ensure a memorable evening for guests. Many performers require a complicated set-up with a plethora of equipment, adding yet another task to event organizers’ to-do lists. But you do not face any of these hurdles with a comedian. 

Make A Guest List 

If you are trying to arrange a workplace party with a tight budget, think about whether you will allow workers to invite their family members. While inviting spouses or other family members to the party is lovely, the generosity will cost you more money because you are practically multiplying the guest list. Having an all-employee guest list means less food and less space. Therefore, you are better off limiting the guest list to only employees.

Go Digital With Invitations 

Once you have finalized the guest list, it is time to send invitations. While personalized invitations printed on premium paper sound like they will really amp up the event, they will ultimately end up in the garbage. Take advantage of the digital world we now live in to save money. Create your digital invitation cards and send them using text or email. You may also invite guests via Facebook.

Utilize Office Space As Venue 

Renting a party venue is hands down of the most expensive aspects of planning the party. Depending on how many people are on your guest list, you may have sufficient space in your office to throw the party. By hosting the party in the office, you can spend a little extra money on decorating or making the space appear more festive than the typical office setting.

Seek Out In-Kind Sponsors

An in-kind sponsor is an organization or person who can fund your event. It is a smart method to cut costs, especially if someone is sponsoring the venue or food. Even the tiniest in-kind donations should not be overlooked because they can help you pull off the most memorable workplace celebration.

Be Thoughtful About Food

Rather than onboarding a costly catering firm, encourage staff to bring one dish to share for a potluck. Perhaps the employer will provide the meat, and employees will bring a side salad or dessert. That way, it will become significantly less expensive than serving your employees a full meal. If you plan to hold your party at a time when people expect to eat, look for methods to cut food costs by serving high-volume, low-cost items. For example, dishes like pasta could feed a large segment of guests at a low cost. 

Hosting a corporate party is very tempting. However, thinking about its financial cost forces businesses to step back. Well, it turns out organizing an office event on a budget is a fairly doable task. Just strictly adhere to the tips listed above to make sure you do a decent job even with limited financial resources.

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