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How to Use a Riding Lawn Mower and Sharpen the Blade?

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Riding Lawn MowerA lawnmower is one of the best tools on the market. Mowing a large field and property with a push mower can be a back-breaking task but using a lawnmower is easy and quick. It will save you time and energy.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a riding mower and don’t know how to use it, this article is just only for you.

Here you will learn:

  1. How to Use a Riding Mower
  2. How Do You Get Stripes in Grass?
  3. How to Sharpen the Blade

How to Use a Riding Lawn Mower

The first thing you need to check the gas and oil levels of your machine. Ensure they are both enough in the riding mower. If you don’t want to damage the machinery while operating it, check those fluids before starting. Once you are done with these things, then sit on your lawnmower and then start it. There are two kinds of riding lawnmowers. Manual and automatic. They both have different procedures to create. For manual, you have to press the brake and clutch pedal down, most models use that pedal, which is a dual purpose pedal that works for both purposes, and then hit the start switch.

For automatic models, you will have to press the start button and turn the switch on. Then you can hit the gas pedal and drive forward at your speed. You will have to turn your steering wheel like you would do it with your car and turn it in the direction you want to go. Once you are in your mowing place, adjust the cutting height adjustment lever, and connect the cutting blade by hitting the blade switch.

Now you can easily mow your lawn as you go with your lawnmower. Make the straight path from one end of your lawn to the other. Then turn around with your direction and mow your lawn.

How do You get stripes in the grass?

If you want to make your lawn look like a stadium’s field’s grasses, then a riding lawnmower is perfect for you. This effect is happened by the reflection of sunray on the bentgrass blades. To get your lawn with stripes, you will have to obtain a striping kit with a roller that will bend the grass as you mow the grass.

Attach that kit to the mower and set your grass cut a height higher than you want. Then mow your lawn in a straight path; while mowing, make sure you are going straightforwardly. As you cut, the roller will automatically bend your grass.

Once you are done with one side of your lawn, make a U-turn, and begin this process again.

After finishing, you will find your lawn looks like a football field or golf course.

How to Sharpen the Blade

Suppose you regularly use a machine, one day, that will not work like before. That’s why we all will have to take care of that machine. Three blades are to cut grass. Regular use of your lawnmower blades can become dull. To maintain the performance of this machine, we should sharpen these blades.

To sharpen these:

  • Raise the cutting deck, then leave the lawnmower in gear. Before doing this, park your mower somewhere flat place. Since you want to remove your blades, take a pencil and mark the bottom of the edge so that you can reinstall that easily.
  • Presently, since you’ll be eliminating the sharp edges, it’s a smart thought to look under the deck and utilize a wax pencil to check the lower part of the cutting edge. That will permit you to re-introduce it effectively whenever you are finished.
  • Now, wedge a bit of 2×4 timber between the cutter deck and the edge and utilize an attachment wrench to slacken and eliminate the axle jolt in the focal point of your sharp cutting edge. With the jolt eliminated, you can eliminate the border and set it up for honing.
  • First, utilize a wire brush to clean your cutting edge, eliminating any rust or flotsam and jetsam from its surface. At that point, put the cutter down on a level work surface and permit the forefront to stretch out past the edge of this surface so you can get to it without any problem.
  • Utilize a metal record to hone the edge by setting it flush against the forefront and documenting it in descending strokes until the edge is reestablished.

Now, spot the sharp edge back under the trimmer deck with the wax pencil mark confronting downwards. Put the shaft jolt back through the edge and into the axle and hand fix it. Utilize the 2×4 wood scrap by setting it against the cutter deck and pushing the sharp edge against it. Utilize your attachment wrench to improve the shaft jolt. When the cutting edge is made sure about, you can reconnect the rain boot to your sparkplug. If you need basic lawn mowing, a professional like JJ’s Lawn Care can help you.

Continuously wear long jeans, security glasses, and hearing assurance while working a riding yard trimmer to forestall injury substantially. Continually change the cutting stature and connect with the trimmer sharp edges while the cutter is fixed. Attempting to change the stature or draw in the cutter edges while moving is risky and may prompt a mishap.

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