I Feel For All The New Vegans

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I Feel For All The New Vegans Now I know that this will sound either sarcastic or a little condescending, but it’s also true. I’ve met so many new vegans recently and I’m pretty sure that none of them have had to do as much research as we used to.

When I became a vegan nearly twenty years ago, it was pretty uncommon, but that seems to have been our advantage. You see, we couldn’t just pop into the supermarket and buy a vegan ready meal, you couldn’t just go to BBC Food and peruse through the massive vegan section and you definitely couldn’t just head into Subway and pick up a vegan meatless sub. We didn’t have many choices, but that really made us stronger as a community.

If you ever met a fellow vegan, you would cling on to them for dear life, taking every hint and trick they had. Someone would tell you how to make meringues from the juice in a can of Chickpeas. Another would tell you about the reason you needed to eat three Brazil nuts a day. Then there were those who just had the most amazing of cookbooks and were happy to let you steal every recipe idea they had ever had.

But the people turning vegan today, don’t have this sense of community and don’t have the knowledge transfer. Instead, they are just stuck with being labelled as hipsters for following the latest trend. Then when you speak to them, they have some great reasons for turning vegan.

I was at work when one of my colleagues came over to me and quietly whispered that they had become vegan and didn’t know what to eat. It turned out that they had an underactive thyroid gland and their doctor had told them about the benefits of Liothyronine and the vegan diet.

It was relatively easy to be able to guide them to the website which had the purchase Liothyronine here link on it. So, one out of two solutions was solved pretty quickly.

Then I started to tell them about the ways in which the vegan diet would also help out. That clean living would allow their body to recover and they would no longer be having to fight the dairy or meats they were consuming.

I found it really nice, when in an age where all the information in the world is sat at the tips of your fingers, one of my colleagues had sought me out for advice. They had chosen to ignore all of the suggestions from random strangers online, and instead decided that I would be able to guide them. It felt like the old times when we would all have to share our knowledge.

Every vegan will have a handful of go-to recipes, they are tried and tested and normally don’t take too much effort. These were the first ones I gave over. Now I’m just waiting to see them walk back into the office tomorrow and let me know how they found it.

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