Insulating Glass Unit

Insulating Glass Unit: How to Choose, Replacement Cost

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Insulating Glass Unit

The concept of “insulating glass unit” means two or more glasses, which are hermetically connected to each other in a single structure. The distance between such glasses is the distance that is sealed with the frame. The air space that is formed is able to retain heat.

It is often missed by customers during renovations how important it is to choose the right insulating glass unit. As a consequence, most attach great importance to PVC profiles, which are not actually capable of being heat-saving.

Types of insulating glass units

The choice of the insulating glass unit is an important step to decide during the purchase of a plastic window, as the insulating glass unit is responsible for energy savings and noise insulation. 

But it is necessary to explain to customers who have not previously had to deal with the purchase of PVC windows: double glazing unit must consist of 2 glasses and the space between them is called a chamber, triple-pane glass – is 3 or more glass, and two chambers.

If you need to put a warm window, for example, in the children’s room, you should choose the warmest insulating glass unit in order to save money. Firstly, the insulating glass unit must be two-chamber, it has the maximum thickness or single-chamber with the possibility of energy saving.

Also, the triple-pane window is used for rooms located close to highways, airports, and railroads.

It is also important to understand good thermal and sound insulation and what thickness of the insulating glass unit is purchased. The thicker the plastic window, the thicker can be the insulating glass unit, for example, on the PVC profile the thickness should be 60 mm, and the maximum thickness of the insulating glass unit is 32 mm 4-10-10-4. On a PVC profile of 70 mm the maximum thickness of the insulating glass unit is 40 mm 4-14-14-4, and on 88 mm – 52 mm (4-12-4-12-4-12-4). Such designations of the insulating glass unit are technical characteristics: 4 – glass thickness, 14 – space between panes, the higher is this characteristic, the greater will be sound and thermal insulation.

The insulating glass unit can also be armored (triplex) and with different thicknesses (4 mm or 6 mm), which is also very important for sound insulation. There are also insulating glass units with different coatings, for example, the glass, which has the designation 4i, is energy-saving.

Insulating glass in a section

K-glass is an ordinary glass unit, covered with a reflective layer of silver or titanium. The thickness of the such glass is 0.12 micrometers. When you use this glass in the glass unit, it is able to reflect the cold from the outside, and in summer it makes it possible to keep the heat in the room. In this case, there is an energy saving.

Insulating glass units with argon gas are filled with an inert gas. There are several types of them: krypton, and xenon. However, in most cases, all organizations use Argon gas, as it is much cheaper compared to other gases. This gas has excellent thermal conductivity: due to this insulating glass unit, the room will be much warmer than in the case of insulating glass units with normal air inside.

Insulating glass unit with argon

Such insulating glass units can easily let the warmth in and out. They are able to combine a wide range of functionality. Thanks to the influence of an electron field, special particles of silver, nickel, chromium, and titanium ions with a positive charge are sprayed on the glass. Due to this layer of a few millimeters, the glass remains transparent, but its functional features are significantly increased. This glass is able to cool the room in the warm season, which can significantly save money on air conditioning and other cooling equipment. In winter, such glass unit retains heat, which saves money on heating equipment.

It is recommended for most users to install such insulating glass units in apartments and houses. This is a universal type of insulating glass unit, which has the highest functional features. You can always look at window quotes near me and choose the most suitable option for any room.

Replacement of insulating glass units

In order to enjoy warmth in the house, you need to put the right insulating glass units. If low-quality glazing has previously been installed, you need to replace it.

Quality insulating glass units are a smart investment. In the future, such a replacement can help owners of the house or apartment save a lot of money. The replacement of insulating glass units should be carried out by specialists.

In addition to the above-mentioned types of insulating glass units, there are many other kinds. Consultation with professionals is an important step in order to choose the right type of insulating glass and keep heat in the house. In summer, if you choose the right glazing, the room will be as cool as possible.

Since the glass unit has a large area, you need to approach the selection of this element as responsibly as possible. The type, width, and thickness of the insulating glass depend on its functional features. Therefore, when ordering insulating glass units, you should study their characteristics in detail in order to make your purchase as useful as possible.

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