Improving the Home Look Using the Warm and Robust Stone Cladding

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Proper stone cladding for both the interior and the exterior walls of your home can protect the home from the natural inclemency of the weather, giving a tough and durable texture to the facade of your house.

The cladding is the application of a layer of material as a skin on another layer that is to be covered up to provide protection from the elements of the weather, or to enhance the aesthetic value of the property. There are several choices of external cladding that are available in the market of which the Stone Cladding is one of the most trendy and popular choices of upbeat property owners. At the same time, this type of cladding is a good investment as it is long-lasting.interior-stone-cladding

Ideas for the exteriors

The use of the Stone Cladding can be used both for the exterior and the interior that have to be treated separately as well as incongruence for visual continuity.

  • The immediate exterior wall of the house can be done up with such a cladding either partially as a highlight, when the size of the home is large, or even totally when the structure is relatively smaller.
  • The patio of the house is usually an extended living space that can be covered by the cladding that can be made to extend from an interior wall to give the visual effect of continuity. Stone cladding can also be used for the paths that lead from the entrance gate to the main door of the house.
  • Having the stone-clad boundary walls for the garden helps in setting up a sharp contrast between the garden greenery and the rustic stone appearance giving a quality appeal.exterior-stone-cladding

Some interior ideas

You can also improve the interior looks of your house by using the Stone Cladding in several places inside

  • One of the most common areas where such cladding is made use of is the fireplace that is usually situated at the center of a wall, and the look of the natural stone gives a feeling of the immediate center of attraction in a room.
  • Even the simplest of rooms can become instantly attractive when this kind of cladding is used as a highlight on one wall or a marked area on a wall.
  • The use of the cladding can also extend to the bathrooms tub or the shower area and can be given a natural and warm feel.
  • Old and rustic looking kitchens with the high wooden ceiling, the stone cladding, and the old furniture is a way that you can give your modern home an unusual look of the countryside resort.

The timeless effect that you get by using stone cladding:stone-cladding

Any standard Stone Cladding usually comes in about thirty millimeters thick panels that can be easily applied over the existing masonry to give the necessary accent for an improved look.

  • Stone is a primitive natural material that gives any home a transformation when used in the exterior areas of the wall, the landscaping as well as in the interiors.
  • They are perfect to give the home a rustic yet robust look that also increases the worth of the property with a timeless appeal despite the changing face of architectural styles.

The use of the stone cladding can be perfectly blended even with the contemporary and modern décor, where it can give the feeling of the natural warmth in the midst of the minimalistic settings. Even a partial use of such a cladding like that of setting up an arch can give a grand feel to the entire setting.

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