Simplify Your Lives Through Intelligent SmartThings Platform

SmartThings is a robust, open IOT ecosystem that brings together millions of compatible smart devices from around the world, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. SmartThings is now available in more than 200 markets around the world.

Connected Living How SmartThings Brings Connectivity Everywhere

SmartThings helps make every day easier, giving you more time and peace of mind around the clock.

Automate Your Home

Add a little intelligence to automate your home and let SmartThings do the work. From activating lights to adjusting the room temperature, SmartThings Sensors make your life at home easier. With SmartThin s Button, you can even control multi le devices with just a single tip.

Home Security

Monitor your home with SmartThings. Samsung’s partnerships with global carriers, such as Vodafone in Europe, give users around the world easy access to connected home monitoring and alerting solutions.

Wi-Fi Performance

Launched together with Plume, the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh router uses A1 to blanket your home in the fast, reliable Internet. The router also offers seamless home automation management with built-in SmartThings Hub.

Connected Car

In the near future, you will be able to remotely manage your car’s functions, including remote start, controlling lights, temperature and more, with the SmartThings app. The ecosystem will also allow safe management of other smart devices while in the car.

Energy Consumption

Samsung is dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable future through technology. Working with the Korea Power Exchange, SmartThings helps consumers reduce the energy usage of their connected appliances, lowering their utility bills and making a positive impact on the power grid.

A Toolkit for Developing a Smart Future

Samsung is now building it faster and easier for developers to connect their services and devices  to the SmartThings app and platform:

A redesigned SmartThings Developer Workspace with new developer tools and APIs – SmartThings Cloud Connector, SmartThings Device Kit, and SmartThings Hub Connector – that allow developers to build and launch on the platform, as well as integrate cloud-connected, Zig bee and Z-Wave devices

An enhanced Works with SmartThings (WWST) program provides developers with access to SmartThings certification experts to ensure devices are fully working well for the best possible user experience.

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