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Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Simplify and Enrich Your Daily Life

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Truly Samsung Galaxy Watch-like with a Broad Selection of StylesSamsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung smart watch’s trademark circular rotating bezel

Ticking sounds and hourly schemes to provide a realistic watch-like feel.

Rich watch face design created with depth and lighting effect

12 styles pre-loaded About 60,000 styles can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps.

Unlimited personalization with various straps

Each model available with three 22mm and eight 20mm original watch straps 14 watchband options to be launched in collaboration with Switzerland’s Braloba

Intelligent Timekeeping with a Personal Assistant on Your Wrist

Morning & Evening Briefing

Provides information – schedules, health condition. battery status and more every morning and evening

My Day

Check your daily schedule at a single glance

Dual Time Watch

Automatically identifies time zone changes during user’s travels and provides the right local time

A “Well-being Partner” to Manage Users’ Lifestyles and Health

Personalized Fitness Training

  • Tracks 39 different exercise activities and records workout history
  • Automatically detects 6 exercise types including running, walking and cycling

Real-time stress management

  • Measures stress levels by detecting and analyzing physical changesets 6 exercise
  • Provides a ‘breathing guide’ to curb stress

Advanced sleep analysis

  • Analyzes sleep cycles including REM
  • Provides sleep habit data and relaxation guides

Standalone Freedom without a Smartphone Nearby

  • 472mAh battery greatly extends usage hours up to 80 hours for the 46mm model and up to 45 hours for the 42mm model
  • With LTE connectivity, making and receiving calls and text messages, using GPS and listening to music is possible without a smartphone nearby
  • With Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, you can send the money from your wrist with just a tap say Samsung News.

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