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The Latest Advancements in The Mobility Industry – Domestic Home Lifts

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Domestic Home LiftsThe United Kingdom is currently facing one of its greatest challenges, with over 8.6 million people over the age of 65 years old, this ageing population is creating an economy that cannot fill in-demand occupations and faces adverse consequences. Whilst this growing demographic has caused a range of problems including driving up labour costs it has also opened up a huge opportunity for savvy business owners, the ever-growing mobility industry.

The mobility industry is nothing new, it’s been around for hundreds of years but with the latest advancements in technology and scientific research the industry has taken a huge u-turn. Now the market is saturated with high-end technology designed to make the world a safer and more accessible place for all.

The Development of Domestic Homelift

Homelifts are one of the latest advancements to hit the scene. Offering homeowners a high-end alternative to the traditional stairlift system, homelifts combine safety with style in perfect harmony. Fast becoming the most popular solution on the market, homelifts are taking the world of mobility to new heights. If you’re an elderly homeowner platform life is a solution you need to watch out for!

In this article, we aim to break down the key benefits of these products and explain why this product is going to revolutionise the industry for good. Innovation at its finest, homelifts will make multiple story properties sphere for everyone.

Total Property Access With Minimal Clutter

The traditional pinch point with modern stairlift design is the space it takes up within your staircase. Even stairlifts that are designed to pack up tight to the railings will take up a lot of space which makes non-stairlift users struggle to get up and down the staircase with ease. Home Lifts can be installed in an unused area of the home to allow total freedom of use of your staircase and ensure that you’re not losing valuable space within your home.

Blending In With The Modern Household

Homelifts are an extremely stylish option for those looking to gain total access to the upper layers of the house. The slick design can be tucked away discreetly in an area of the home which is convenient for all. The stylish designs are constantly being adapted to meet the needs of the modern home so you can be confident that your homelift won’t be an eye-source within your living space. These domestic homelifts are truly designed for the modern world we live in.

Access for Multiple Users And Wheelchairs

The modern homelift design boasts the space needed to accommodate wheelchair users and elderly couples looking to use the lift at the same time. This additional room offered by homelifts makes operation an absolute pleasure which explains why so many people are making the transition. The added safety from these lifts are unbeatable, it is the perfect solution for the elderly and disabled.

Complete Flexibility Around Home Installation

The key advantage of choosing a homelift over any of the other solutions on the market is the flexibility this offers. Allowing you to install this lift in nearly any space within the house, you can now find the perfect place for your lift which is both easily accessible but out of the way of your daily routine. The high strength rail system makes it extremely easy to have Multicare homelifts installed in a quiet corner of your property.

We hope that you have enjoyed the article and if you are currently in the market for a new stairlift this is an option you should consider. For what could be considered a slight increase in cost the overall function and safety offered is simply unbeatable.

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