Will Mattresses Go On Sale For Black Friday?

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Despite Black Friday originally being an American holiday, as it follows their Thanksgiving, the shopping event has slowly permeated countries across the globe. With extraordinary deals and unbelievable savings offered during Black Friday– which, despite its name, has been stretched to last several days – it has become the dream shopping experience for savvy shoppers. Plus, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to collect your stocking stuffers and gifts without having to worry about making the last-minute dash to the store.

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, we’re always looking for the best deal. While mattresses are incredibly important to our health and everyday life, they can be a bit pricey, so it only makes sense to look for ways to save. The month of May is arguably the best time to buy a new mattress, as the mattress industry as a whole is looking to clear stock to make way for the newest models in June. However, not everyone is able to wait until the spring, so keeping an eye out for other sales is common practice.

Therefore, it’s normal to wonder whether you’re able to capitalize on Black Friday’s sales when it comes to mattresses. Let’s take a look at whether mattresses go on sale for Black Friday.

Do mattresses go on sale for Black Friday?

Long story short, yes, many mattresses do go on sale for Black Friday. Mattress companies are always looking for ways to attract clientele, so avoiding sales on such a major shopping holiday is just bad business. In fact, Black Friday is a great time to make those larger, more expensive purchases, as companies are striving to offer the best deal in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Since Black Friday tends to be a week-long event now, with some pre-sales beginning online before Thanksgiving even starts, it’s important to do your research in advance so you know exactly what mattress you hope to snag. By hitting the store earlier in the week rather than later, you have a better chance of going home with your dream mattress.

That said, you may not always see savings in the form of discounts. There are three ways in which you can expect to save money on mattresses on Black Friday:

Discounts Off Regular Prices

This is the sales technique that many buyers prefer, as you’re seeing a percentage or dollar amount of money coming off the regular price. Many of the sale prices are worth taking note of, so snagging your dream mattress at a discounted price may just be an early Christmas present.

Free With Purchase Offers

Mattresses can be a fair bit of money, and not all mattress companies are financially equipped to slash their prices. Therefore, they may choose to throw in something else, such as bedding, pillows, or a box spring, that is of lower price but still worth something to the shopper. That way, the shopper may not save money directly on the mattress, but may have eliminated the need to invest in new bedding.


The final and perhaps least common way you can expect to save money is through rebates. While rebates are more sustainable for the company than discounts, they often don’t offer the same level of excitement for the consumer. Black Friday is about instant deals and savings, so the buyer may not be interested in waiting a few months to see some money come back their way.

Ultimately, most mattress stores and companies will elect to offer discounts off the regular price, as they understand that their buyers are looking for the best deals. However, don’t be surprised if the other two methods of savings pop up.

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