Meeting Up with an Estranged Father

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Whether you have recently stopped making contact with your father due to a recent spat or have perhaps never even met your biological father, opting to make contact can be one of the hardest decisions you may ever make. It can be difficult to predict how you will react or handle yourself when you see him again, a reunion is a huge step in the right direction, and you should be applauding yourself for your bravery. While it is always worth considering the implications of meeting up with an estranged father, reconnecting is sure to put your mind at rest and answer any questions that may have been at the back of your mind. These approaches will give you the best attempt to restore your relationship with your father.

1. Confirm your intentions

You may wish to reconnect with your father because you miss having that figure in your life; perhaps you find it awkward attending family events when they are present or feel forced to skip events altogether. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to make your reasoning for meeting up clear, so there is no confusion. In doing so, you can both come face-to-face with some expectations and enables you to prepare what you want to say and how you may react to his statements.

2. Be realistic

For children who have had a lack of a father figure since childhood, it is natural to form an illusion around what they may be like and how they will make your life better. In most cases, this, unfortunately, isn’t the case. Therefore, whenever you have a meeting planned with your estranged father, ensure you keep a realistic viewpoint and leave any former visions aside until he proves that he is worthy of your time and attention.

3. Bring a gift

If you’re hoping to reconnect with your father to form a genuine relationship, you could offer a gift as a gesture of reconciliation for whatever has gone on in the past. Whatever negativity you have been informed of or have encountered yourself from your father, aim to let go of bitterness and make a pledge to meet your father with the intention of making amends. It can be difficult to know exactly what to purchase if you aren’t well-informed of his hobbies and interests; however, you’re bound to find something suitable by browsing this vast selection of gifts for dad.

4. Try not to blame each other

When you have been cooping up feelings of blame for your estranged father for many years, it can be difficult to keep your thoughts to yourself. There may come a time when it is appropriate to chat more about who is to blame, but the initial meeting is certainly not the right time to do it. Keep the first meeting upbeat, and from there, you can start rebuilding your relationship – even if that means having to discuss some of the more serious aspects later down the line.

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