The Most Common Causes of Water Damage

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There is nothing more detrimental to your business than water damage. In addition to missing days or weeks of production, you may have to repair or replace valuable equipment like electronics, tools, and inventories.

Instruments and Equipment

If your structure has water-using machinery, leakage is a persistent risk. Everything that uses tubes, pipes, gaskets, or filters to function has the potential to leak, including water heaters and air conditioners. You might be looking at significant damage if the leak happens after hours.

Routinely inspecting and repairing equipment is the best course of action. If you see anything concerning, such as rust, cracks, bulges, or signs of moisture, take preventive action. Replace the water supply lines regularly. Seal and caulk again.


Make sure you examine your roof often. Your drainage system is not operating correctly if there is a pond present. Consider that one inch of water weighs around five pounds. Over time, this may exert significant strain on the system and cause leaks.

Check for damage to the roof membrane, perimeter flashing, and roof penetrations such as drains, pipes, and gas lines. Time may degrade these vital safety protections, leaving you vulnerable to a minefield of threats.

Sewers and Pipes

Your plumbing system is susceptible to clogs, blockages, and damage. A crack as narrow as one-eighth of an inch may leak 250 gallons of water daily onto your building. Sewage disasters can be dangerous, so if this occurs you will want to contact water damage restoration cary nc experts. Professionals like these have extensive experience and knowledge in handling everything from initial sewage clean-up to water damage restoration.

Keep your eyes peeled for visual signs of moisture, blue stains, corrosion, cracking, and bulging. Check for scale buildup if you are undergoing plumbing repair or if a pipe has been cut. Consider using a pipe camera to get a good picture of what is inside your system. Moreover, if your facility suffers colder weather, ensure that the pipes are constantly insulated to prevent freezing.

Fire Sprinklers

Many commercial buildings are equipped with sprinkler systems, which are terrific for preventing fire damage but not so great for water damage when they malfunction.

Always check for rust or corrosion in your sprinkler system, and be sure to repair corroded or rusty components often to maintain their functionality.

Planet Earth

Natural disasters like hurricanes, intense thunderstorms, and flash floods may cause significant damage to your business. You cannot control the weather, but you can control how well you are prepared for it.

You may reduce damage by cleaning your gutters, installing barriers, and elevating the storage of fragile papers and electronic devices.

If you reside in a high-risk area, you should also consider having a risk assessment and purchasing flood insurance.

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