What are the Most Used Industrial Machine Paint Colors?

Industrial Machine Paint Colors

Experienced industrial & commercial painting contractors often get asked. For their opinion on the colour selection. When the business can have the colour scheme for the general painting. When this comes to industrial painting, clients sometimes want to know what colours are perfect for specific areas. Also, you can get the proper guidance from the best place. Industrial equipment & machinery are also exposed to various destructive items like chemicals & heat. This is, thus, essential that you select the proper paint coatings. To give the appropriate protection to your types of equipment and beautify this. Here you can get the right idea of the most utilized industrial machine paint colours. Let’s check the details:

Metal paint (Enamel)

Metal preservative paints provide the protective film with excellent adhesion & weathering properties. Select the semi-gloss as it has anti-corrosive additives if you need single-coat paint. The metal enamel paints deliver superior resistance. To the petrochemical spills like – oils, petrol & paraffin. This specific class of colours is compatible with roller, spray & brush applications. They are very much suitable for the workshop facings & machinery storage components.

Zinc Phosphate (Metal Primer)

Zinc phosphate primers provide high anti-corrosive properties for steel surfaces. Also, you can apply this on the cleaned & degreased steel and both unprimed covers. This zinc phosphate primer can get supplied.  In both quick-drying & slower drying for brush & a roller application.

Black paint

These paints are really waterproof & very easy to apply. they get utilized on immersion equipment like hull backing for canal cruisers & narrowboats. This is also a general-purpose waterproofing coating for steel, iron & concrete. As solvent-based paint, this black coating is taint free & odourless. This is suitable for spray, brush & roller application. Fusion bonded epoxy coating is very much essential for a safe painting.

Polyurethane Enamel (Gloss paint)

Polyurethane enamel gloss is a two-in-one paint. Suitable for the machine parts which need high chemical resistance & high gloss. This has exceptional UV resistance. These specific paints are perfect for wood, metal, concrete & other primed substrates. This paint is available in semi-gloss, high gloss & matt variations. The semi-gloss & matt coatings have anti-corrosive additives. Making them excellent for the one-coat finish to the mild steel substrates. The polyurethane enamel gloss paints are very suitable for brushing & spraying applications.

Two-pack epoxy primers & topcoats

Epoxy primers & topcoats provide the best protection against specific elements & harsh environments. For example, the industrial machinery utilized in the coastal environment. Would get painted two-pack zinc-rich primer then two-pack. But epoxies provide the best protection. While utilized externally the UV exposure will also cause the colour to fade & chalk.


The correct selection of the industrial paint & coatings is critical. While performing the painting / re-painting job. To gain the greatest finish, durability, & resistance over time. Hence, there are multiple colours used for industrial machine purposes.

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