16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types: Choosing A Career Based on Personality

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

That 9-5 grind leaving you more exhausted than exhilarated? Maybe it’s time to switch to a more meaningful career path.

A great number of us want meaning and purpose in our lives, and sadly, our jobs could be hindering rather than harnessing that goal. While we may be good at our job or at least good enough to retain it, sometimes it’s not enough.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or stagnated in your current job, then choosing a job that suits your personality may just be the answer.

As individuals, each of us brings a unique set of skills and personality traits. Is your current job quashing these qualities rather than allowing them to flourish? If so, finding a job to suit your personality type can help you discover a more meaningful and fulfilled career.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is based on the four principal psychological functions first outlined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. These four functions include sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Every person will have a combination of each function, with some being more dominant than others. They will also be determined as being either predominantly extroverted or introverted. To find out your personality type, you can try a free MBTI test online.

Best jobs for your personality

Based on your personality type, you can discover which career is best for you. There are 16 personality types based on each function.


The rarest personality type, INFJ’s make up less than 2% of the population. INFJ’s are characterized as being reserved, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent. They are creative individuals with deep compassion for others and therefore make excellent counsellors, peace workers, writers, artists, scientists and graphic designers.


INFP types are often known as dreamers or mediators and have a deep interest in making the world a better place. People with the INFP personality are often introverted, creative and driven by personal growth and development. Therefore, INFP’s make great writers, teachers, psychologists, translators, marketers and public relations specialists.


INTJ’s are forward-thinking and tend to be analytical, confident and ambitious. Logically-minded, they love to gain knowledge in all aspects and are natural leaders and inventive thinkers. As an INTJ personality type, your best career choices include engineering, anything within the finance industry such as financial analyst or advisor, an auditor or accountant, illustrator and logistics manager.


If you are an INTP then you may be described as quiet and sometimes “aloof”. However, underneath your quiet demeanour is an analytical mind that constantly observes people, ideas and concepts. You learn by observing rather than doing and can pick up the tiniest details that others often overlook. For this reason, the best jobs for INTPs include computer programming, web developing, accounting or auditing, and work as a statistician, economist or logistician.


The ISFJ is known as “the protector” and people with this personality type are often characterised by their caring and observant nature. They are trustworthy and compassionate, as well as responsible and practical. In work and life, ISFJ’s are detail-oriented and make great dentists, HR managers, customer service representatives, and data analysts.


Charming, friendly and approachable, ISFP individuals have an easy-going attitude and like to focus on the here and now rather than worry about the future. They are often characterised as being the “adventurer” personality type and often do well in areas that help them to apply their social skills and creative problem-solving skills. For this reason, the best jobs for ISFPs include being a flight attendant, occupational therapist, police officer, brand manager, contractor, marketer, chef, nurse and physical therapist.


Sensible, good at making decisions, and focused on long-term goals and growth, the ISTJ is steady and dedicated in their work and are very goal-oriented. They like to follow instructions and procedures to the very letter, and therefore make great bank tellers, property managers, business analysts, detectives, lawyers and judges.


ISTP personalities tend to be fact-oriented and detail-minded. They are high-functioning thinkers and problem solvers with a love for action, new experiences and hands-on activities. As an ISTP you love to work at your own pace and have time to think alone. The best career options for an ISTP include computer engineering, computer science, web developing, a biologist or geologist, a technician, and a scientist.


ENFJ’s feel a deep need to help others and to create an impact in their community or the world at large. They love people, and feed off the knowledge of what makes people ‘tick’. The ENFJ seeks satisfaction and meaning in their work, so they are best placed in careers with a focus on community. For example, as a social worker, caregiver, nurse, counsellor, mediator or teacher.

10. ENFP

People-oriented, witty and energetic, the ENFP trait is someone who is extroverted and loves sending their vibrant energy to those around them. These people like to embrace big ideas and focus on possibilities. Because they relate well to others and have strong communication skills, ENFP’s make good entrepreneurs, social workers, salespeople, brand managers, actors and human resource managers.

11. ENTJ

ENTJ’s are natural planners who love predictability and control. They are known for being independent, motivated, focused and charming. This personality trait is often characterised as the “commander” and as such, people who are ENTJ would find purpose in jobs within politics, the military, or as a lawyer, CEO, project manager and engineer.

12. ENTP

Constantly coming up with new ideas, the ENTP rarely likes to stay in one job or position. Their key personality traits include curiosity and a strong focus on the world around them. They are quick to understand ideas and concepts, and they are often characterised as being great debaters. They flourish in careers that help them to find a solution or fix a problem. The best jobs for an ENTP are as a stockbroker, engineer, lawyer, politician, and in professions to do with advertising or marketing.

13. ESFJ

One of the most common personality types, ESFJ’s are outgoing individuals who love to help others. They value tradition, loyalty, and family. They are team players and work well in a group, gaining motivation and energy from other people. They are excellent communicators and can adapt well to change. The jobs best suited to ESFJ’s include teaching, training, nursing, or social work.

14. ESFP

Gregarious, fun, extremely sociable, ESFP’s love being the centre of attention! They are often known as being spontaneous, resourceful, and love vibrant experiences. They will be best suited to jobs where they’re acknowledged and appreciated. Any job that is people-focused will keep ESFP’s happy. These jobs can include acting, being a tour guide, activities coordinator, sales and marketing, event planning, and entrepreneurial work.

15. ESTJ

The ESTJ personality values honesty and integrity. They are able to make difficult decisions and are dedicated to the success of a project and the success of their co-workers. They are practical, stable, and predictable – valuing tradition and ethics. For this reason, many ESTJ personality types make great surgeons or doctors, as well as business managers, team leaders, real estate agents, insurance agents, managers, and stockbrokers.

16. ESTP

If you’re an ESTP, you’re likely to be very hard-working and adaptable. ESTP’s balance this resourceful side with an outgoing, funny and energetic side that is full of life and energy. They prefer flexible work arrangements where they can apply their quick and bold decision-making skills and improvisation. As an ESTP, you will find purpose in jobs such as acting, managing, as an emergency medical technician or paramedic, police officer and journalist.

Based on the personality types above, you can get a better idea of what job best suits your unique traits. Choosing a job based on your personality type allows you to let your natural gifts shine, and can make your work more meaningful and purposeful. You will have a greater chance of job satisfaction and success in a role that lets you play to your strengths. Before your next job search, take this list into consideration and uncover all the possibilities that a new career path based on your personality will deliver!

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