The Perfect Airport Makeup For Every Woman

Airport Makeup For Woman

Getting your makeup done the day of your flight can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling internationally! A lot of women either go barefaced, or they make some makeup mistakes when in rush. Well, you can stay looking flawless, and you can avoid some rookie mistakes with the right makeup tips & tricks! Be prepared to look your best the next time, and follow these 6 airport makeup tips!

Top 6 Tips For Flawless Airport Makeup

  1. Moisturize, A Lot

The #1 mistake that women tend to do on a daily basis (and especially when traveling) is that they don’t apply enough of moisturizer. Your everyday moisturizer should be of a high-quality, it should be nourishing, and it should sink deep into your pores. Make sure you apply a heavy amount on the day of your trip since your skin will depend on all that moisture. Add a bit more than you’d usually go for, and watch your skin glow when in the air! No dullness or dry patches whatsoever!

  1. Use A BB Cream

A BB cream should be on your go-to list, no matter your skin type. Even if you usually prefer and gravitate towards full coverage foundations, stay away from those when up in the air. A BB cream will even out your skin, and will give you that natural yet radiant look. Apply it with your fingers, and make sure you get the right shade! You could also use a CC cream or a tinted moisturizer if you don’t own a BB cream. Use something lightweight, moisturizing, as well as soft on the skin.

  1. Conceal Your Spots

Since your BB cream is not the product with the most-coverage, you should use a high-coverage concealer! It is important to apply this product with your beauty blender (or a damp sponge) and dab it into the skin. Apply the concealer under your eyes (if you’re struggling with discoloration or dark circles) and spot conceal any breakouts that you may have! Gradually build-up the coverage and always dab in the excess amount. However, don’t set your face with powder. Let your shine come through, and let your skin look dewy and healthy during the flight!

  1. Get Lash Extensions

If you are someone who is quite low-maintenance then you will love lash extensions! These, once applied, can last for three weeks straight! Lash extensions look voluminous and luscious on their own, and they don’t need any coats of mascara! You can also skip on using a lash curler, as well as an eyeliner. Eyelash extensions are dramatic, pitch-black, and they look feminine as well as wispy and natural on their own! You can ask your lash esthetician for a specific lash look. You could go a bit more natural or heavy & noticeable (also known as Russian volume) all is entirely up to you!

  1. Use Blotting Sheets

Blotting sheets are something that you can, and should, carry with you when you’re on the plane. These are small mattifying blotting papers/sheets that can come in handy when you’re out and traveling. Simply use the paper and dab your face with it! This will pick up and set all of your oils in place and will make your face seamless, semi-matte, and natural. A blotting sheet is a must-have makeup/skincare item especially for women who have oily skin and an oily T-zone.

  1. Go For A Lip Gloss

Lastly, think of your lips and all the moisture and nourishment that they need! Your lips should be juicy and prepped for your flight, which means that you should stay away from matte lip products. The air on its own is super drying and uncomfortable for the skin, as well as your lips, so make sure you take care of them just as well as you take care of your skin. So, apply either a lip balm or a lip gloss. Both of these products are moisturizing yet will make your lips plump and luscious looking!

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