Pets and Animals Portraits

8 Pets and Animals Portraits that You Should Hang on Wall

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Pets and Animals Portraits

People have been living with pets and animals since ancient times. Our ancestors have been doing pets and animal husbandry and taking care of their livelihood. The love between pets and humans is running from the accident time. They both have need of each other for a different purpose.

Nowadays people keep pets to show their love for animals and birds, encourage playfulness, exercise, reducing their loneliness and depression & stress levels. The pets also play the role of a friend and help you as a friend. You can talk with them, play with them, and walk outside.

All the age groups like pets and animals. You get attached to them emotionally and physically. Most pet owners treat their dogs, cats, horse, etc, like their own children and take care of them during their whole life. Even people get carried and feel sad when they left them forever. You may also be one of those who hang the portrait and photo of your pet on your home wall when they pass away or are alive.

Many people like to hang pets photo and artwork on the wall as decor the room or keep their pets in their memories. There are hundreds of pets that people keep in their homes or buy their paintings. These pet portraits memorialize and honor your pets.

10 Cool Pet and Animals Photo Ideas to Display on Your Walls

1. Horse

A horse is a powerful and steady animal. It is very common for animals whose photos are used for wall artwork, portraits, and statues. Horses are also considered symbols of the attainment of wealth, triumph, trusted companions, and high rank. A horse portrait is a great way to generate positive energy in your home. Horses also represent achievement, progress, strength, and peace.

2. Tiger

It is not a pet animal but tigers and lions are very popular hanging portraits in many homes and business offices. Tiger is the symbol of dignity, bravery ferocity, power, sternness, and courage. Many people like to paste and hang photos on walls, vehicles, and tattoos on their shoulders & arms.

3. Cats

A cat is another popular pet animal that is very cute, beautiful, and smart. Many people like to hang cats photo and portraits on their home walls because it is a symbol of intelligence, grace, cunning, elegance, and independence.

4. Dog

The dog is the first choice of every pet lover. Dogs become part of the family quickly. Royal pet portraits like dogs give long-lasting memories, help customize the room, have great personalities, and track dog families. Dogs are also symbols of loyalty and vigilance.

5. Puppy

A Puppy is a less than a year old young domestic dog. It is a child of a dog and bitch. They are very cute, smart, playful, and naughty. Puppy portraits provide a soft feeling and more love for this family.

6. Eagle

However, the eagle is not a pet animal but you can hang its picture and painting on your home and workplace walls.  The eagle is a symbol of freedom, foresight, strength, courage, and wisdom. Its wall art looks luxurious and dominant.

7. Parrots

Parrots are lovely birds, with pleasant sounds, and beautiful looks. Parrots are the symbol of love, longevity, loyalty, and good luck. You can place a pair of parrots portrait in your bedroom.

8. Fish

Fishes are also a good option to use as wall artwork and wall frame photos. Fish portraits can help to enhance your home’s inner beauty and make the walls colorful as fishes have different colors. Fish represents dependence, fertility, prosperity, and luck.

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