Event Using Solar Power

Powering Your Outdoor Event Using Solar Power

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Event Using Solar Power

If you are holding an outdoor event and you are going to need to run all your electrical items, you may wish to consider using a solar system to generate the electricity that you require. Whether you are looking to hold an outdoor party, festival, celebration, or any other type of event, solar power is an environmentally friendly option for getting the power you need. Below are some of the reasons you should consider solar energy to generate the electricity required for your next outdoor event.

A Mobile Solution

Many people think that solar panels are all static and do not move, but there are plenty of options when you are looking for a mobile solution. You can either hire or purchase portable solar generators, with a mobile array of solar panels that can be set up in any location that is not in shadow. Whether you are looking to have a party in your local park, a rave in a field, or any other type of celebration, you can have the power you need at your fingertips to use all your electrical devices, including:

  • Lights
  • Sound Systems
  • DJ Equipment
  • Fridges
  • Charging Points

Most of our activities involve electricity, and events, especially large ones, would require something that allows us to operate the abovementioned necessary event devices, especially if you have a particularly challenging remote venue or a place where power outlets are not available. Wherever you are, you can power and charge anything that uses electricity with solar generators. If you get mobile ones, deciding on the venue and setting them up won’t be much of a problem. Also, using these generators will show everyone who attends your event that you care for the environment. These generators are an eco-friendly solution, as they use renewable energy, and the cleanest and most abundant one at that, which is solar power energy.

Friendly For The Environment 

Most ways that we currently generate electricity have a significant impact on our environment, and they either create massive levels of pollutants released into the atmosphere, or radioactive waste. The manufacturing of the batteries, solar panels, inverter, and charge controller does have a carbon footprint. As these systems are simple to maintain and do not use combustible fuels, they can soon create a negative carbon footprint when used. If you are a business, then it is also an excellent way to show that your company cares for the environment, and you can glean some excellent publicity by advertising that your event is powered using green energy. If you are a private individual, then you can still show off that you support green energy and encourage more people that you know to consider adopting similar alternatives.

Portable & Simple To Maintain

You will need some space to set up your solar generator and panels, as well as batteries, but once set up there will be little else to do. You will want to clean the solar panels from any debris and dust to help increase their efficiency and ensure nothing casts a shadow on them. The sun will do the rest of the work, and all you need to do is ensure that you have enough batteries to store all the power you will need. Once the sun goes down, you will be 100% reliant on the batteries for your energy, and you will not be able to recharge your system till the sun comes up again. For information on how to calculate the battery storage that you will need for your system to help ensure you do not run out of energy, a quick online search should lead you to informative articles on the topic.

Whether you are planning a private or business event outdoors, consider using solar generators to power it, and help to do your bit for the environment.

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