Types of Batteries Solar Power

Which Types of Batteries are Used in Solar Power Systems?

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Types of Batteries Solar Power

Slowly but also inevitably, solar power is conquering the energy market. The greatest owners of a private houses and large companies already have created their investments in solar panels. Knowing that the specific technology can also play itself off within a few years. Thus, the greatest people are on their way to joining the alternative energy movement.

Though these solar panels are not much complicated by specific technologies, you have to pay attention to & know them before getting on with buying & installing your solar panel. You also should consider the actual type of battery. The one which you are going to use to store all energy that the energy of your solar panel will produce.

The idea behind the solar battery

Solar power batteries are the batteries that are being utilized in this battery bank of the solar power system. This is the only way to store the energy to use this during a specific time while there is no sunlight to get collected.

Without storing energy, you also would be able to make & use this solar energy. Only while there is sunlight but not while it’s cloudy or dark. The solar batteries deliver a constant & uninterrupted level of power.  That can make the entire idea of collecting sunlight & turning this into energy. Since this is not up to you to say what weather there will be & how much sunlight you can receive every day. Of course, as you are about to owe your power-producing & store system, a battery is something you actually cannot buy or install without any consideration. Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the best battery sets which can be used. 

Various batteries utilized to store the solar energy 

As said, there are many kinds of batteries that can get used to keeping the energy. That has got collected from your solar panels, but two main types can also get distinguished:

Lead Acid Batteries: In fact, these batteries are the 1st rechargeable batteries that got invented & even until now. It is the most famous of options that have got proven to work out the best for various situations. These specific batteries also have the highest capacity and an extended life cycle. Also, they can get charged fast and will waste less energy. But do not forget to be as cautious as you can. These Batteries also can store a large amount of electrical power. They also can discharge this very if any form of a conductor gets put in their terminals. 


Lithium-ion batteries have also reached the same popularity as lead-acid batteries in the rechargeable batteries market.

Compared to other types of batteries, lithium-ion batteries outshine for their:

  • Low maintenance
  • High energy density
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Long cycle life of lithium phosphate batteries.

Thanks to so many benefits that this lithium battery has over another battery. They have now considered the best options for storing solar energy.

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