Swimming Places in World

7 Best Swimming Places in the World for Serious Summers

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Swimming Places in World

Swimming season is just upon us, even though your optimism might vary depending on your chlorine tolerance. Ditch the pools and weigh into the best places to swim in the world with that in mind, as there are a collection of rivers, lakes, pools, and, of course, mysterious caves and sinkholes.

Wild swimming has made its way back in the past few years as an increased number of people today look for unique experiences globally. There are amazing beaches also if you are looking for something traditional. The following are some suggestions for the best places in the world for serious swimmers.

Red beach Greece

beaches are not supposed to be red, but this is exceptional for Santorini. The red comes from a lot of iron oxidization that gives the stunning landscape a colour, best had fun from the temperature of turquoise waters stretching out in the front. If you like something unique, then you should surely go for this.

Heaven lake China

Heaven lake is one of the biggest crater lakes, Nestled between China and North Korean borders, around 2189 metres in the sky. It means that the lake would be iced over the winter, but it is not exactly the warmest swim during the summer, but the views are here worth the chill. You do not get to swim near the North Korean border daily, so while you are here, make the most of it.

Crystal river USA

Crystal River is known as the manatee capital globally. They are nothing but the best beasts. Getting to swim with them is nothing but a privilege. Crystal River, present in Florida, is one of the best places on earth where you get this privilege, so only think twice before booking the tour and spend some time close to the humble sea cows.

Monteverde cloud forest Costa Rica

It is not a gorgeous name, but for sure, it is a gorgeous place to start swimming. Swimming in the cloud forest is just a part of the great adventure in the Banjos del toro region, which is accentuated by beautiful hikes and typically coaster in coffee experience besides the zip line for adventure lovers. The biodiversity is incredible, and swimming by a great waterfall will never get old.

Calanques National Park France

The Rocky Mountains nestled between Marseille and cassis are surely not the easiest to go, but swimming, which awaits, is completely worth the hike. This place is also known as the natural wonder of Provence, and the reason is completely understandable. You can go in the morning to make the most of this beautiful area because some secluded spots are most likely to get busy during the summer.

Devil pool Victoria falls Zambia

The name might not be that inviting, but you will likely find beautiful angels out there instead of demons when you visit this amazing spot-on Victoria Falls. It is accessible only through a tour from Livingstone Island. Gorgeous natural pools are on the very edge of the abyss, and the entire endeavour is completely safe, provided you do not go out of your way to invite disaster. Depending on the Zambezi River levels, the pool is open from August to January.

These are some amazing places to swim your heart out.

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