Remember These 5 Important Things to Get Rid of Itchy Underarms!!!

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When a part of your body is itchy, sometimes you don’t notice that you’ve been scratching for a long period of time already; you just realize when it’s already hurting. Scratching brings a very satisfying feeling, but you regret it when the itchy part gets wounded or swollen.

One of the body parts that usually (and expectedly) gets itchy is the underarm (also called armpit). It’s not all the time itchy, but when the time comes that it is, it’s surely an unforgettable time you’d want to escape — for when it itches, it itches like crazy.


Here are friendly tips you must take note for you to get rid of those itchy underarms.

Let Hygiene In!

You take a bath every day, but you might not be doing it properly. It is important that you get to clean all areas of your body; clean your skin carefully. Clean your underarms well and gently. It gets sweaty wet, and it’s not surprising that bacteria may form on and in it, so it’s essential that you keep yourself clean and fresh every day.

Put the Irritants Out

Your underarm skin and the soap you’re using may not be compatible with each other unless it’s just an effect of a soap prescribed by a doctor. Stop using your long-time soap if it’s been making you scratch your underarms for a long time already. It may have harsh chemicals unsuitable to your skin. The same thing with your deodorant or antiperspirant. Aside from it might be making your underarm skin dark, observe if it also makes it itch so bad.

Products with too much scent may not be good also because of the unnamed chemicals that it contains. You may know there’s fragrance included in your skin product, but do you know how that fragrant was made? Most especially if your skin is generally sensitive, don’t trust fragrant skin products for your underarms. It might lead to irritation and provoke allergic reactions.

Get Loose!

Let your underarm skin breath freely. Don’t suffocate it by wearing tight clothes; they might result in rashes on your armpits due to sweat blockage. Loose top-wear will prevent sweat in your underarms from altogether squeezing in the little space left for them to breathe.

Putting on synthetic clothes pose alarming health risks such as contact dermatitis, respiratory ailments, and cancer, and they are due to dangerous chemicals. Cotton-made clothes are advisable; so much more are the organic ones.

Shave Well or Shave Not!

If shaving has been your routine whenever you remove those armpit hairs, then you must do it properly. Avoid using a dull shaver. There’s a tendency for you to put more force and pressure as you shave if your shaver works neither immediately nor well. Disposable shavers are not highly recommended since probably due to their cheap prices, their quality isn’t excellent and lasting also.

If shaving your skin results in some more negative upshots, then stop shaving. Your skin might be too sensitive for those sharps.

Get Those Hands Off!

You probably think that scratching will lessen the itch, but it doesn’t. It even strengthens and powers the itch and only stops when it’s already painful and wounded. Control yourself; control your hands. Do something else like patting it or just leaving it. Your hands might also be unclean too, and that’ll just make everything worse.

Remember that your hands are always in direct contact with your underarm. It’s your weapon of destruction, triggering itch sensation. Even if you do all the do’s but forget the don’ts — in this case: DON’T SCRATCH — they’d be useless. Have self-control. Don’t let the itch overpower you. It’ll soon get tired; JUST. DON’T. SCRATCH.

Constantly and harshly scratching the underarm feels right but it isn’t alright. There are bad effects to the skin’s health by doing so. Itching your underarms literally doesn’t look quite good for you as well. It may ruin your mood, your mode, and your poise. You really have to take a move (aside from moving your hands toward your underarms!!!) for you not to keep those tingling underarm itches going. You have to do something to get rid of them, and hopefully, this piece has made you think of altering and improving your behavior, lifestyle, and preferences for the sake of you and your underarms’ skin and comfort.

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