Shortcut To Acquire A US Passport Within 24 Hours


Planning a vacation/trip can be very difficult as every document required to make the journey possible has to be provided. The major requirements for traveling overseas are mainly a passport or a visa. When one of these is obtained, the coast is clear to begin travel preparations. If you need a passport urgently, here is a shortcut to getting one immediately.

The easiest means of expediting passport applications is through an expedition agency. One of the most reliable organizations concerned with speeding up a passport acquisition procedure is Passports and Visas. This agency has been working for over 15 years gaining trust throughout the long term. An assortment of passport services offered includes an application for a new adult and child passport, renewal, replacement, edition, and request for a second passport document. This whole procedure will be finished within the space of 24 hours and the charge rates are reasonable.

Prerequisites For Expediting A US Passport Application

Certain things need to be made available when applying with the company to get your passport approval expedited. These necessities include:

DS-11 application form

This document is procured by people who need a fresh passport, to supplant a lost passport, and to edit their names on the present one. The data contained incorporates the name of the applicant, location, home address, etc. In the wake of filling in these subtleties, the document is then submitted for endorsement to start the expedition procedure.

Confirmation form

This is a statement showing that the DS-11 has been submitted and can only be gotten after it is affirmed. This record is needed after the endorsement of the DS-11 form and is also very important.

Evidence of Citizenship

A unique birth certificate registered with the US birth record office is proof that one is a citizen. In absence of this card, individuals can also make use of an old country passport which is still a good substitute.

Confirmation of Identity

Another important paper to be provided is an authentic driver’s permit dated to have been issued for more than a half year. This laminated card must be original and is a major proof of identity.

Identification photos

Applying individuals also need to submit two-colored passport-style pictures that are of 2×2 size. These two photos should meet all the standards for a passport photograph.

A Passport Delegation Letter

A letter is required to be written by the applicant, stating that he/she approved Passport and visa to fill in as an agent working towards getting the approval of the passport ready immediately.

The above information will be very useful for those who need to get an expedited passport at a cheap rate in the United States. The entire procedure can commence only after applying online on the website or contacting one of the company’s agents through a phone call, chat, or email.

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