Show Off Your Cartilage Earrings with These 5 Cool Tips


Cartilage piercings are quite popular, and so are cartilage earrings. These earrings have topped the body piercing trends consistently and are a massive hit among working professionals.

Bespoke jewelers and brands always keep experimenting with an assortment of styles, considering the huge fan following these earrings have. Of course, you can try out many different styles but always follow safety precautions so as to avoid infections.

Getting the cartilage pierced is daunting in itself, and above that, switching earrings time and again can be more daunting. Not to mention the irritation and the infection caused due to the wrong switches.

Some cool tips to highlight your cartilage earpieces are as follows:

Jeweled Accessories and Thick Rings for the Cartilage

You will have to ensure slight pain for decorating your cartilage piercing with some of the most beautiful jeweled accessories. This goes special for individuals who are in no mood to go for simple earrings.

You have the option of going for thick rings or shiny stars that appear very beautiful on the cartilage. The thick ring design will offer your piercing a very delicate and soft appearance.

How about Going for Flashy and Star-Shaped Earrings?

Undoubtedly, cartilage piercings are really great. That’s because they give you the flexibility of wearing all kinds of jewels like the moon and the star and even flashy pieces. Nevertheless, keep in mind that star-shaped earrings are not meant for piercings that have not healed completely.

If you ignore it and still go for the star-shaped jewels for donning your cartilage piercing, they might irritate the pierced part of the cartilage. So, what do you want to do? Wait for some time for the hole to heal, or wait one year? It’s entirely upon you.

Speaking of flashy jewelry, the bigger your earring is, the more visible your piercing will be.

Pretty Florals Blossoming on the Cartilage

Earrings shaped in the form of flowers look pretty feminine, and they offer great beauty to the piercings as well. You can use them as earrings for helix piercing, forward helix, or tragus piercing. Remember, all these piercing styles fall in the category of cartilage piercings.

Having an original plant is a significant responsibility, and it requires attention as well. But that’s not the case with cartilage earrings. You can wear your floral earrings and enjoy the blossoms on your ears.

Look Like a Princess in Crown Earrings

You can think of earrings that will make you look royal. What about personalized styles? There are even crown-design earrings available that will make you look like a princess. As girls, we are lucky enough to find a plethora of cartilage earring designs in the market. But the tricky part is getting the cartilage pierced and caring for the same.

Earrings Made of Shiny Stones

Earrings made of shiny stones are one of the best ways of highlighting the cartilage piercing. And remember, the golden rings decorated with shining gemstones are not just for the fingers.

These can even be worn on the ears to look elegant and beautiful.


Ear adornment options do not remain restricted when it comes to choosing cartilage earrings. You can find different varieties and styles that will help you show off your piercings like never before.

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