Why the All in One Solar Street Light is The Best Option

Solar Street LightingFor more than a decade now, the use of solar energy seems to be taking the forefront in providing electricity to people around the world. it has even taken a more dominant approach when it comes to street lights. With the help of solar energy, street lights are now better and easier to maintain. However, things are even getting better with the “all in one solar street light” that are now being produced.

What is all in one solar street lights and why is it better than the traditional street lights which are slowly fading out of use?

Understanding the all in one solar street light

The all in one solar LED street light is a new technological innovation which is threatening to change street lights as we know it. With the all in one solar street lights, what you get is complete integration. In other words, this means that all or most of the components which you would need to get your solar street lights working effectively comes with the street light itself. That is pretty awesome.

Some of the features which you can expect it to come with would include the complete solar panel, the battery (which would be Lithium), the LED Lamp. This combined with the charging controller would all come with the street light in what we can call a complete package. What this means is that you would be able to get most of your installation done without fuss.

How the all in one solar street lights trumps the traditional street lights

If you are wondering who is superior when it comes to this new technology and the more traditional street lights, you should know that the all in one solar street lights come out on top every single time. Here are some of the reasons why that is the case;

Maintenance and constructionSolar Street Lights Battery

As earlier stated, one of the biggest pros which the all in one solar street lights have over the traditional street lights would be in the areas of maintenance and construction. When it comes to construction, solar street lights can be easily set up. this is made possible by the integration of the units that I have mentioned above. You would be able to set up your street lights in less than no time.

When it comes to the area of maintenance, the all in one solar lighting system is also ahead of its rivals. With the parts of the system mostly panels and items that exclude cables, there is less chance of issues in the wrong run. To achieve regular maintenance would be easy and faster. With the all in one solar street lights, you would be able to maintain street lights well and for long periods.

More Cable, more health hazards

If there is one thing which is remarkable about solar street lights in general, it can work well without the use of cables. Most solar lighting systems are made of panels, batteries and so much more. Cables are mostly not used. This means that the safety hazards which come with cables are eliminated. With solar street lights, the number of accidents which would be possible is drastically reduced.Solar Light Broken

Another thing which is removed would be the degrading of the environment. The environment suffers when certain substances are released into the air and the use of traditional street lights would surely be a contributing factor. It is particularly responsible for the emission of carbon substances which pollutes the air. The solar panels are made to grasp the natural energy which is present in the sun. It is clean and offers no form of pollution to the environment. It is the number one choice if you ask me.

Latest Technology

The truth is that no one wants to be left behind in this technologically advanced world. Depending on your opinion, this can either be a good or bad thing. However, the point is that having the solar-powered street lights would mean that you are up to date with the technological advances that have made. This would even be made clearer with the purchase of the all in one solar street lights. With this street lights in your grasp and very much available, it would be easy to have better street lights.


Cost affects the appeal which a product would have. This is not different when it comes to street lights. It might be surprising but the solar street lights would be a more valuable buy than the traditional street lighting systems. This is especially true of the all in one solar street lights. The all in one solar street lights like mentioned earlier comes with integrated parts. This means that all you would need would already come with the street lights.

With the traditional street lights, you would have to get the many parts that come with it. This would be subject to varying prices as this would mean different sellers. You would also have to spend money on other related aspects such as the process of installation and the burying into the ground. When you put both choices on a scale, it is clear that the all in one solar street light comes out on top every single time.

Ready to give the all in one solar street light a good shot? If you are, then you would likely have to get it first. The best place to get these street lights and any other street lights powered by solar would be DEL Illumination. Armed with a variety of services which would include a wide range of sophisticated solar powered street lighting system, you can be sure that you would find one that meets your preferences perfectly.


When it comes to street lights, going for the best would always put you on the right track. This is made possible through the all in one solar street lights. Get yours right now if you can. it’ll be worth it.

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