How To Make Perfume Last Longer On Clothes

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Each of us at least sometimes wondered how to make a perfume last longer on clothes. Who wouldn’t love to smell nice all day? Wearing your favorite scent can certainly help you, but you’ve probably noticed that many perfumes last shorter than you’d like.

This is because you are not applying your perfume the right way. Many do not know that there are a couple of tricks for applying scents that help the perfume last longer. First and foremost, you need to store your perfume properly and keep it as far away from sunlight, moisture, and heat as possible. Here are some tips for wearing and storing perfume to help you improve its performance.

How can my perfume last longer?

The duration of the perfume on your skin does not depend only on the quality of that same perfume. Perfume is made from natural flower ingredients to grasses, fruit, balsams, roots, resins, leaves, and as well as resources like alcohol and oils. For your scent to last as long as possible, you need to make sure that the perfume connects as well as possible with your skin. For this to happen, you need to follow as many instructions as possible, which we will list below.

Where to spray perfume?

Hydrate the skin before applying the perfume. The perfume should never be applied to dry skin. Dry skin absorbs certain odors from the outside environment, so it makes your perfume weaker. First, apply a neutral scent lotion or body mist to the skin and wait for the skin to absorb it. Then apply the perfume. The lotion will help the perfume bind better to the skin. Even the last long perfume will leave a scent for a long time after applying.

First perfume, then dressing.

The scent should be applied before putting on the clothes. How long does scent last on clothes depends on whether it is mixed with the smell of the fabric softener, on the material of the clothes, but also the scent of the perfume? The perfume smells best and lasts the longest when it blends with the natural oils on your body. You do not want any fabric or clothing to interfere with this procedure, so apply your perfume directly to the skin.

How to apply perfume?

Apply the perfume to the pulse points. The scent reacts to heat, so applying perfume to the parts of your body that are warmer helps to release the scent. This will spread the scent all over the body and become more intense. You probably know what these pulse points are but we will remind you to apply the perfume on your wrists, behind your knees, behind your ears, on your neck, and the inside of your elbows.

Choose a stronger scent. Some perfumes will naturally last longer than others. When looking for a perfume, choose one whose basic ingredients are a little stronger, because such a perfume will last you longer. Before buying, be sure to try the perfume, because only then will you know for sure how it reacts on your skin.


Since some perfumes contain substances that leave stains on clothes, how to make a perfume last longer on clothes can be a challenging question. But if you apply the tricks we have listed, you will have clean clothes that smell like your favorite perfume for a long time.

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