Complete New Bathroom Makeover

Some Great Ideas for a Completely New Bathroom Makeover

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Complete New Bathroom Makeover

There is an ongoing debate about what room is the busiest in the home and it is fair to say that the kitchen comes in second but certainly, the bathroom gets first place. It is the place that we visit first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and last thing at night and it is where all of the magic happens at the weekends when we are going out to see friends and family. This means that it is a room that needs attention and if you currently have a bathroom that doesn’t meet your needs then it might be time for a completely new bathroom makeover.

You should do a bathroom makeover if your bathroom is outdated and built years ago. We don’t advise renovating and remodeling your bathroom more frequently because it will increase waste and debris around us.

One of the first things that you need to take into consideration is whether or not you would like to look at freestanding baths because while having a walk-in shower is quick and convenient, it is always good to have a bath there in case you just want to relax for an hour and just let all of the stresses and strains leave your body. Once you figure out that a bath is a good idea then you can try to introduce the following great ideas.

1. Create more storage space

Many people are tempted to put up shelves, towel rails, and toilet roll holders but there is a better idea and it comes in the form of building recesses within your bathroom area. This means that all of your items and makeup can be stored within the walls of the bathroom and so this provides you with a lot more space to move around and to really relax.

2. Take care of the ventilation

How many times have you tried to apply your make-up or try to shave your face in your bathroom only to have it steam up right in front of you? Many bathrooms don’t have a window at all so if yours doesn’t have one, get a small one installed or at the bare minimum get an exhaust fan fitted.

3. Put some plants in there

Putting in some potted plants creates some beautiful colours within a bathroom and certainly brings it to life. Many plants love the dampness and the humility that a bathroom offers and so they create a greener and healthier place in which to enjoy your well-deserved hot bath.

4. Choose the flooring wisely

You may be tempted to fit a wooden floor to your bathroom but you’re only asking for trouble. It’s much better to pick a floor that is able to put up with everything that is going to be thrown at it and so it makes a lot more sense to invest in ceramic tile which is also incredibly easy to keep clean.

Many homeowners frequently overlook the importance of the right kind of lighting in a bathroom so it might be a good idea to fit a dimmer switch so that you can turn the lights up when you’re applying make-up or you’re having a shave and you can turn the lighting down when you just want to get into your bath and soak your stresses away.

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