Benefits of Beekeeping

5 Surprising Benefits of Beekeeping You Need to Know

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Benefits of Beekeeping

When you think of bees, you probably think of swarms and honey. But there are so many benefits to beekeeping that it’s well worth the time and money invested in opening your apiary. They’re seen as simple pollinators that will torment us if left alone. But despite what you might think, bees play a vital role in the plant world. When they are properly managed, they can be a valuable part of the ecosystem.  Unmanaged colonies can be detrimental to both human beings and the natural environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of benefits to keeping bees that you hadn’t expected.

Good for Your Health

Because bees are so incredibly important to the health and well-being of our planet, it makes sense that they have something of value to offer us, humans. And by far, the number one benefit associated with keeping bees is that it’s good for your health. You get a double benefit by keeping bees because these insects are also an important source of Pollen, which can help with things like infertility, and allergies.

Better for Your Business

Because bees are small and efficient, they can be a great source of honey. But what if you didn’t need to share the surplus with other hives? What if you were a commercial apiarist who wanted to produce more than the average backyard enthusiast could ever consume? Well, it’s possible to produce more honey with fewer bees. Backyard enthusiasts typically consume about 1 pound of honey per month, while commercial producers can produce up to 5 pounds.

You Get to Cultivate and Handle your Own Crop

When you’re a home beekeeper, you’re basically a beta-testers representative. It’s because you’re the only one who knows how your bees are doing, and you get to decide whether your acupuncture can handle the workload. But when you’re running a commercial operation, you get to decide what’s for dinner. That’s right, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your products, as there’s no telling what you could decide to sell. You could decide to produce different crops each year, or you could contract out your honey production to various companies that specialize in producing various types of food. Whatever you decide to do, you get to choose what’s most important to you – your own operation or the benefit to your customers. Using the proper products for beekeeping such as beehives, foundation, frames, bee fondant, etc. will help you manage them well. 

There’s More to Beekeeping than Pollination

Even though pollination is a crucial process for all fruit and flower plants, it gets a bad rap because people don’t realize how important it is for other insects, too. Honeybees collect nectar from a wide variety of plants, and without them, we’re pretty much out of “taste.” By keeping bees, you’re also keeping these plants happy, which in turn will make your own crops grow healthy, strong, and plentiful. And last but not least, you get to indulge in some “bee envy” because everyone else is doing it too. You can’t say that about accidentally pollinating a tree while looking in a different direction.

It Gives You Something to Be Soothed By

Hate losing your Monday night football games? Well, we all do that, and then some, when our hometown crew is traded to a different city every year. But for those of us who have to change jobs every few years, getting “soothed” by our new surroundings can be pretty tough. But, luckily, you can always depend on your bees to “sooth” you when you least expect it. If there’s one thing everyone has in common when it comes to bees, it’s a bad attitude. If you keep bees, you get to enjoy the Colony Collapse Disorder benefits of over-exploitation while the rest of us have to suffer through it.


Beekeeping is a great hobby that can be both profitable and fulfilling. The world is full of apiarists who could probably use some help, so getting into beekeeping might be a good choice for those who are willing to put in the effort. Get started today by purchasing a jar of Nectar, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

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