Wedding Party Favors That Are Trending Right Now

Wedding Party Favors

Coming together to tie the knot comes with many activities that may sometimes be daunting, especially for couples interested in giving out wedding party favors to their friends or guests. Before your actual wedding day, it is essential to research the perfect gifts for your guests. This party favor creates a long-lasting wedding memory you share with your friends. This article will guide you on the top eight wedding party favors to gift your guests.

1. Starry Coaster Souvenirs

If you are looking for excellent wedding party favors that match a celestial type of celebration, starry coaster souvenirs are the best option. These constellation-adorned coasters will add a unique aesthetic value to the entire tablescape thus creating a beautiful setup. Furthermore, they shall also serve as the perfect wedding and home decorators inspired by your love story.

2. DIY S’more Favors

Even though the process of DIY your wedding guest favors might be time-consuming, the idea is excellent and worth it. Ensure to make early preparation to avoid any inconvenience. The idea of S’more wedding favors allows you to combine elements such as chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers which is an incredible theme. For the best designs of such wedding favors, you can reach out to experts to help you develop an exciting theme and design.

3. Hand Sanitizer Gifts

Currently, hand sanitizers are among the most sought wedding favors for guests. They are sizable and convenient germ-blusters that are easy to custom to match your wedding theme. Having the best design and taste for hand sanitizers will not only aesthetically decorate your wedding party, it is one of the ways to create a forever wedding memory for your guests. Hand sanitizer gifts show your passion for a clean and healthy lifestyle you wish upon your guests. It simply shows love and cares!

4. Compass Wedding Favors

Compass wedding favors fit best in a travel-themed reception. They are also excellent decorations that will make your wedding party outstanding. To spice it up, your guests can chain these shiny brass-finish compasses with keys or bags just for decoration. The compasses help your guests figure out directions regarding the earth’s magnetic poles. Compasses have become vital safety measures for better ocean travel.

5. Mini Juice Favors

Mini juice favors are perfect gifts for a black-and-white-themed wedding party. Mocktail accessories have emerged as the most preferred wedding favors. Also, you can pair gifts with items such as cheese, packages of pasta, or any other food item. While pairing the favors, customize the labels to match your theme.

6. Soap Wedding Giveaways

Personalized soap wedding favors made from natural vegan ingredients create a deep connection with your guests. The small-sized, cute pear-shaped soaps wrapped in a customized gift box carrying your message are another way to share love and compassion with your friends at your wedding party. You can have different categories, such as personalized soaps for random guests and another category for couples. Let each category have the right message.

7. Personal Portrait Keepsakes

Although personal portraits may be expensive, the gifts make your party more intimate. Try to position the portraits at every seat to show the right owners their sitting place. This kind of sitting arrangement is cool and glamorous. Personal portraits earn you a personal connection with your guests. More so, they are perfect for the event and home decorators. If you want to build a deep connection with your guests post your wedding party, try these fantastic wedding personal portrait keepsakes.

8. Test Tube Tea Favors

You can give your guests these fabulous test tube tea favors for coffee and tea lovers. Besides the magical taste of the tea, these tea test tubes add aesthetic value to your kitchen décor. You may want to make a cocktail of tea by combining each type of tea in an equal ratio and using them as favors. Alternatively, you can have a single type of tea in a well-packed test tube to meet the different needs of your guest. Also, you can pair test tube tea favors with custom plastic cups for weddings to bring a complete vibe.

Generally, gifting your guests favors is a beautiful idea for couples who may want to show gratitude. Your wedding theme greatly influences the concept of wedding party favors. These favors should catalyze the moments and bring out successful and memorable wedding moments. Before you decide on the favors to pick, it di advisable to research and consult wedding experts.

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