If you Fall Into These 6 Categories, Start Scheduling for Regular Health Checks

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It has been said that health is the real wealth, and nothing could be truer.

Remember that time you were sick with a serious cough and flu? The only thing you wanted was to get well as soon as possible.

Worse happens when you have a chronic illness. Your life comes to a standstill. Nothing is greater than your desire to get better.

What if I told you that some of the health concerns that you face can be dealt with if you practice regular health checkups?

While we all need regular checkups, some situations demand that you become a regular visitor to a health facility. What are these conditions? Let us look at 6 of the most common ones below:

  1. Age

There is evidence that getting older brings more happiness because of self-awareness, but diseases also tend to come handy. If you are between the ages of 45 and 60, regular checks should be part of your lifestyle. Don’t know where to start? Visit the doctors next to Tweed Heads.

The doctors here are committed to your holistic health. They will conduct all the necessary tests and advise you on how to keep healthy.

  1. Live a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is one that involves lots of sleeping and lying down with minimal physical activity.

It could be caused by several factors including ageing, diseases, lack of exercise, or the nature of your job.

When you have an inactive lifestyle, you burn fewer calories and are likely to gain excess weight as your body struggles to break fats and sugars. You will also lose muscle strength because your muscles are dormant most of the time.

Even worse, you end up with very weak, fragile bones.

Other conditions that you may also experience include lower immunity and hormonal imbalance.

As you can guess, in such situations, diseases become inevitable. These include obesity, stroke, high cholesterol, and even depression and stress.

While you should take the necessary actions like exercise more, seeing a health professional will help you identify any diseases that you have based on that lifestyle and offer treatments.

  1. Smoke or/and drink

If you smoke or drink a lot, diseases are inevitable.

Smoking interferes with the respiratory system and puts you at risk of lung diseases. It also increases your chances of having cancer, heart diseases, eye disease, arthritis, and more.

The best way to steer free from the effects of smoking is to stop smoking. Then, visit a doctor for a health check to determine if you have any conditions resulting from your smoking.

According to a 2018 report, one person dies every 90 minutes in Australia, due to an alcohol-related problem. This number is one-third of the deaths caused by cancer. That is to prove that having an alcohol problem should not be taken lightly.

Excess intake of alcohol puts you at risk of liver cirrhosis; breast, mouth, throat, and colon cancer, high blood pressure; among other diseases. The best way to prevent these diseases is by quitting alcohol or reducing its intake significantly.

Regular checkups will also help check for issues with your heart pressure, liver, and other organs.

  1. Have a family history of chronic diseases

Sadly, we live in a world where most diseases are hereditary. Cancer tops the list, with other diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure the following suit.

If you have a family history of disease classified as hereditary, you need to go for regular checkups.

For a disease such as cancer, regular checks can help detect the disease while it is still in its early stages. This makes the treatment process much easier and more effective.

  1. Are prone to excess sun exposure

Even without knowing, sun exposure could be causing harm to your body. The sun contains harmful rays that can cause cancer or even harm your eyes.

You are more at risk if your kind of work inevitably exposes you to the sun. These include construction and mining sites and other outdoor jobs such as hawking.

While most people only remember to protect their faces by putting on sunscreen, any part of the body can suffer from excess sun exposure.

It is always important to protect yourself from harmful sun rays. If you work in environments that expose you to the sun for longer hours, schedule for regular checkups to ensure you remain in top health.

  1. Have high-stress levels

Stress is an underestimated cause of many diseases and yes, you can see a doctor if you are stressed.

Stressful situations can aggravate illness or lead to the development of new illnesses in your body. Some stress-related diseases include ulcers, high blood pressure, obesity, and headaches, to name a few.

A doctor can tell if the diseases or physical conditions you are experiencing are stress-related and recommend courses of action.

Final Words

Regular health checkups are mandatory and crucial to prevent diseases or treat them as early as they start to appear. Do not only focus on treating diseases once they appear. Disease prevention can save you the stress of dealing with full-grown illnesses!

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