Things to Consider Prior to Wallpapering Your Room

Prior to Wallpapering Room

It’s a rare person who has never had wallpaper in their home. The very process of choosing and installing wallpaper might be both exciting and challenging. But there are some helpful recommendations that will help you simplify this process and make it pleasant!

When Do You Use Wallpaper?

Most people use wallpaper because they simply want to draw a visual interest and impact a certain space in their home. If you’re using wallpaper on the walls, flat walls are best, of course. So, for the best result possible, you want to examine the texture of your walls. If it’s a smooth and flat surface, you definitely can’t go wrong with wallpaper. Textured walls though are quite a challenging surface to attempt applying wallpaper to. In this case, you want to skim-coat all textured surfaces.

Angled walls are a little bit trickier to match up patterns if there’s a pattern in your wallpaper. So, you might need some time to figure out how to make those patterns coincide or just bring in a professional who knows how to do it in the fastest way possible. Also, note that curved walls, which are often found on stairwells, might be prepared just like their flat counterparts, provided that their surface is smooth.

Don’t confine wallpaper just to the walls. Think of any flat surface that you can successfully liven up with wallpaper. Ceilings, cabinets, and the back of shelving can be instantly spruced up with effective wallpaper whose color and style suit your overall interior, your personal taste, and your personality. Alternatively, you can use window film or self-adhesive wallpaper on the underside of your glass surfaces like tabletops. Not only will this help you animate the space but also make it more functional for a working surface.

Where to Use Wallpaper?

So, what rooms in your home are best for wallpaper? The answer is very easy and clear: anywhere that humidity and heat are permitted. So, if you have a sunroom that gets loads of heat and humidity, you want to refrain from installing traditional wallpaper there. A lot of afternoon sun blazing in will merely ruin your wallpaper and make your room look shabby and unattractive very soon. Humidity also can warp your wallpaper or peel it, which is definitely not something you’re looking for. That being said, you don’t need to ditch the idea of applying wallpaper in such spaces as your patio or sunroom. You just need to put in more effort when selecting wallpaper. In particular, look at the fade resistance of your preferred wallpaper. You can also safely install wallpaper in your bathroom. But it shouldn’t be typical paper-backed wallpaper. Look for something commercially graded or vinyl. Those types of papers are actually coded for wet and humid areas.

What Style to Choose?

When decorating your room with wallpaper, pay particular attention to the style of the room and the feeling you’re trying to convey. Thus, you can pick the most effective wallpaper solution for your space.

If your style is contemporary or transitional, think about using natural woven wall coverings. These are materials that can be found in nature including linen, cotton, grass cloth, or sisal. They are textured to the walls without overpowering the space.

If you’re into bolder, more expressive, and unusual styles like pop art, you can go with vinyl or acrylic-coated wallpaper. A great choice would be bright and devastatingly popular pink peel and stick wallpaper that can be easily put up and removed in need without damaging surfaces.  

If your style is less eccentric, think about damask, chintz, or chinoiserie to help elevate the vibe of the room.

If your style is more feminine and gentle, try overscale florals to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your room. 

Mid-century modern vibes are all about geometrics. Zigzags, rhombs, rectangles, chevrons, and stripes are here to stay. So, if you want to lend more elegance and charm to your space, go for geometry.

Trust your taste and creativity when decorating your space with wallpaper. And don’t forget to look at the label to ensure you’re getting the best possible product that will help make your home shine. 

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