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Top 7 Wallpaper Trends for This Year

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Wallpaper Trends

No paint can match the power to transform and define every room in a luscious and opulent way, which a few rolls of wallpaper have. On the other hand, they are cheaper and easier to apply (and remove for that matter) than other wall finishes, such as tiles, or stones. From traditional and classic to innovative and bold, wallpapers are back in grand style. We are giving you the must-not-miss trends for 2016.

1. Natural Faux

The trend of mimicking natural materials has been present over the past few years, but this year its popularity is only getting bigger. Think rustic wood, distressed concrete, ancient stone, or weathered brick. Whether you decide to do just one accent wall or cover the entire room with paper, natural faux creates the illusion of the real materials and brings their character but saves you the trouble and expense of actually installing them.

2. Weathered Geometries

Talking about weathered, it seems to be the most dominant wallpaper trend of the year. Geometric patterns bring order into our homes, but the new weathered style gives a modern twist. Unlike classical and rigid geometric wallpapers, these fashionable patterns bring a wall to life. Let’s not forget their versatility.

3. Hand-Painted Effect

How would you like it if you could decorate your room with a Van Gogh or a Monet? If you are a cherry blossom wall art lover, you will adore the newest high-class and sophisticated trend of hand-painted wallpapers. It brings class to your home at a discounted price. Given the timeless appeal of the style, we predict that it will blossom way beyond 2016.

4. Panelled Murals

In this technological era, digital printing has reached its peak. It brings us a seamless design of panelled murals, which were first introduced in commercial spaces, but are now readily available for your home as well. They translate real subjects and abstract patterns into clever and modern wallcoverings that span across the entire wall. These feature walls are customizable and can even be made to reflect your personal style.

5. Metallics

The trend of metallics was all over the runways in 2015 and we just waited for this sartorial trend to start shaking the world of interior design. The shiny copper, gold, silver, and bronze wallpapers triumphed in January and will continue to rule throughout the year. The motifs vary from whimsical florals to clean-cut graphic patterns, so everyone is guaranteed to find their favourite style. Although they have a strong accentuating effect, they are rather elegant. Our bet for the most elegant colour combination of 2016 is on turquoise and copper.

6. 3-D Wallpapers

What better alternative to traditional and flat wallpapers than the eye-fooling 3-D wallpapers? This powerful trend creates the illusion of 3-dimensional space, opens up the room, and brings the depth and vastness you could hardly imagine.

7. Grasscloth Wallpaper

All you environmentalists rejoice – there is finally an eco-friendly wallpapering option. Grasscloth is a natural wallpaper made of intricately woven grass fibres. It is mostly made of sisal, jute, or bamboo, and perfectly fits into the newest trend of earthly colours. Each one has a unique pattern, and you can now even personalize your grasscloth wallcoverings and print your favourite patterns onto it. The beauty of it all is that grasscloth is too harder to install than standard wallpaper.

All of these trends are sure to last beyond 2016, so there is no worry about them going out of fashion soon. Now that you know what is hot, it is time to roll up your sleeves and wrap up your walls in some luxury.

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